Goblin War

The Goblin War was fought between the Kingdom of Cormyr and a massive army of orcs and goblins (including hobgoblins and bugbears) under the command of the red dragon Nalavarauthatoryl. The war raged from 1370 DR until 1371 DR, and left great destruction in its wake, with the heaviest collateral damage in northern Cormyr. Arabel was burned, besieged, and sacked, and the village of Dhedluk was razed to the ground.

The war ended when King Azoun IV dealt the killing blow to the dragon Nalavarauthatoryl and then died himself, while "The Militia of the North" — an army consisting of Purple Dragons, mercenaries, and Cormyrean civilians — mustered in the village of Eveningstar and retook Arabel. Following Azoun's death, the infant heir apparent was christened Azoun V and Alusair Obarskyr took the Regency until her nephew came of age in 1384 DR.

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