The Order of the Golden Lion

The Order of the Golden Lion, known colloquially as the Golden Lions, are a crown-chartered adventuring band from Marsember, Cormyr. In addition to treasure-hunting, they have been known to supplement their income by promoting pit-fighting, illegal gambling, and commodities trading. Their name is derived from the Cormyrian gold piece.

Current Membership


  • 1385 DR - The Golden Lions are formed in The Tankard of Eels in the port city of Marsember, Cormyr.

Campaign Journal

Marsember, 1385 DR

Parle Cranewing, one of the Order of the Golden Lion's patrons, turned out to be a backstabbing jerk, intent on completing Kalarel's dark deeds.

  • Completed: Return to Parle Cranewing with a map of Shadowfell Keep.
  • Next Step: Kill Parle Cranewing, destroy the map made for him, and dispose of the Mirror of Dark Reflections forever inside Hogmaw Stonegut's mighty stomach.

Winterhaven, 1385 DR

COMPLETED Are the Dragons on the Map… Real?

Shadowfell Keep was completely mapped by the Order of the Golden Lion. Kalarel was defeated and the Rift was sealed forever… or was it?

COMPLETED Where the Fuck is Douven Staul?!

Douven Staul, an adventurer in the town of Winterhaven, has been rescued from a band of intrepid and amoral fortune-seekers.

COMPLETED Who Ya Gonna Call?

A goblin named Irontooth and his band of kobold minions had been a plague on Winterhaven for far too long. Now they are food for rats.


Notable Loot

Elric's Orb

Orb of Ultimate Imposition +1
As the Golden Lions stood victorious over the ambushing kobolds, Immeral approached the bent and broken form of their wyrmpriest leader, Volyxeres. The eladrin stood silently studying the dying beast, contemplating its magical background and understanding of the arcane arts. Slowly, a wave of arrogance and bitterness washed over Immeral. "This filthy and lowly beast should never have been blessed with the gift of magic. The mere notion is anathema to me. I will reclaim the arcane essences that it has so sullied." A sneer grew on the eladrin's face. Immeral's orb darkened, then glowed with a faint inner crimson light. The wyrmpriest's arcane essence was wrenched from its shuddering physical form, mouth frozen in a silent scream, and drawn into the inky depths of the crystal. With a jolt, Immeral snapped back to reality, just in time to see the crimson light fade from his favored implement.

Elric's Regret

Amulet of Elegy +1
Immeral busied himself studying the broken bits of rune scribed pottery as the rest of the Golden Lions picked through the shiny baubles unearthed by Douven. Turning over a larger piece of clay, the eladrin discovered a small golden locket, delicately engraved with Elven designs. The wizard unexpectedly felt sadness while carefully turning the ancient amulet over in his hands. Popping open the small clasp, Immeral was overcome with grief at the sight of the portrait inside; a youthful blonde woman with a hopeful smile. Immeral immediately shut the locket and tucked it into his robes. Wiping the tears from his eyes, he looked up, thankful that the Golden Lions were oblivious to such emotions.

Thorik's Legacy

Psychokinetic Craghammer +1
Alexander Carver VI's discerning merchant eyes studied the coffin, but its silent stone only raised more questions. The stone coffin's strong, angular engraving and relief carvings of Moridan clearly marked it as dwarven make. But, its narrow dimensions did not indicate that a dwarf lay inside. The lid was stamped with the clan symbol of the Ironenders. Pushing the heavy lid aside revealed a purple burial cloth wrapped around an expertly crafted hammer. The hammer had a natural stone head, attached by two thick steel bands to its leather wrapped handle. As Alexander picked up the hammer, veins of violet crystal in the stone flickered with light, reacting to the latent psychic energy surrounding him. This weapon was obviously meant to be wielded by an Ironender, or at least, one of their pupils.

Zerth Meditation Wraps

Cobra Strike Ki Focus +1
Rrek smiled to himself as the other Golden Lions picked through the gold, gems, and equipment of their fallen enemies. His companions, like the kobolds before them, had failed to notice the quieting calm radiating from the simple cloth bandages that, piled with some other scraps of cloth, comprised a kobold nest. The githzeri thoughtfully wound the bandages around his wrists and ankles, meditating on the prayers and paradoxes that formed as the broken text of the cloth began to match up. Rrek opened his mind to mysteries spelled out in the cloth and began to practice a familiar kata, though the movements and techniques were slightly altered by the githzeri's new state of mind. He had seen his master use these altered techniques once before (to devastating effect), and Rrek was now intent to master them himself.


Reckless Executioner's Axe +1
Hogmaw Stonegut stood triumphantly over Irontooth's dark and still writhing form. It felt good to lead men into battle again, even if it was only his ragtag Golden Lions. Hogmaw picked up the goblin's wicked axe. "What a damn shame…" the dwarf muttered under breath and beard. The weapon's short grip, geometric inlay, and wide-but-balanced head clearly marked it as dwarf made. The weapon's scarred handle, gruesome skull trophies, and notched and pitted blade, however, clearly marked it as goblin owned. The dwarf studied the axe, making mental notes of the required repairs. "Smithing the goblin stink out of this axe would stop the original smith from spinning in his grave." he thought, and the decision was made. With a heavy grunt, Hogmaw continued his work, waddling through the kobold ranks, unceremoniously putting Stonecleaver to each of the dying lizardkin, each swing accompanied by spitting and a curse.

Legacy of the Ironenders

Undecipherable Stone Tablet
This partial stone tablet is covered with undecipherable text. However, by focusing psychic energy at the tablet, Alexander Carver IV can force the jumbled letters rearrange themselves into dwarven text. The tablet tells of a time long ago when the Ironender clan was persecuted for practicing their natural psionic powers. The portions of the tablet possessed by the Golden Lions tell of…

Thorik Ironender, the master smith who armed the Ironenders with weapons to compliment their unique psychic abilities.

The Mirror of Dark Reflections

Evil Arcane Ritual Focus
Although this silver hand-mirror is elegantly crafted, the horrific detail of its demon motif are often enough to prevent commoners from handling the mirror, let alone gazing into it. The mirror is highly polished, but its surface only reflects a flickering, shadowy representation of those who look into it. According to Immeral, the mirror was most likely used as a ritual focus for long-forgotten dark rites.

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