Race Bugbear
Heroic Class Barbarian 5
Alignment Evil or Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity Hruggek
Player Brad Balach

"I recently fell in and out of love with a bugbear. His name is Grimbergen. I have a load-bearing feeling about him. When we met, we just capitulated, but then he said I was the most comely bugbear he knew and that he would like me to be his cocaine. It was a deformed decision to make, but in the end I said kabloomers! After that I left him and waddled all the way to the Magnetosphere. I feel a little quixotic about what I did but I'd rather be Falcon Punching on the armoire and eating calamari. Who needs a volcano, anyway?"

- Hoegaarden, bugbear assassin

The Silver Company

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