Günther Eberhardt
Günther Eberhardt
Race Human
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Torm
Character Sheet

Lieutenant Günther Eberhardt is a human avenger of Torm from the Vast. He is tall and blond with sharp features and a grim visage. He has a unique set of skills that differentiate him from other clergymen: his tools are stealth and deceit. Günther takes whatever steps are necessary to do what's right, including assassination or sabotage. He is not overly friendly, and is usually fatalistic, but will freely share what knowledge he gains if it will benefit the Righteous Fury or his disciples. Since he lost his sense of self, Günther has been eager to prove to himself that despite what he sees himself doing in his nightmares, he is a good person.


Günther crossed the Anauroch Desert with his brothers of Torm in pursuit of a Zhentarim caravan. He finally caught up with them about a mile north of Deadsnows, and after a series of battles he and Pierre fled bewildered and dying into the forest, and were eventually taken captive by the orcs under prince Ugreth. Günther is currently suffering from traumatic retrograde amnesia and is recovering in the temple of Lathander.

Günther was recently promoted to Lieutenant in the town watch and militia in Deadsnows by its new captain, Ashnar the Humble. He has not yet recovered his memory in full, but has regained a bit of his past.

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