Race Hobgoblin
Heroic Class Shaman 5
Alignment Evil or Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity Maglubiyet
Player Anthony Mastrean

Habakul is a hobgoblin shaman and a veteran of the Goblin War of 1371 DR. Habakul makes you think of a proud peacock. He has a high forehead and a pointed chin, with slanted brown eyes that are like two splotches of mud. He has deep red skin and silky, straight, silver hair that protrudes from beneath an impractical headdress. His wardrobe is elegant with a lot of black and red, the hallmark of a priest or mystic. His voice is raspy, but has warm, sexy undertones.

After the Goblin War (or the War of Human Aggression, as the goblins know it) Habakul fled into the Stonelands. Since the goblin tribes were in ruins, it was up to the strongest survivors to start new clans. Habakul reluctantly took a leadership of a rowdy band of goblins who had lost their leaders in the war. Together they formed the Bloodstone tribe beneath this inspirational leader, and wonderful naturalist.

The Bloodstones tracked the insurgency of humankind and mimicked the movement of the infamous beasts of the Stonelands to avoid confrontation. The tribe was always on the move; their numbers were small but their members were hardy. After several years in hiding, Habakul grew weary of this lifestyle and was looking for a way out. The warchief of the Red Hand Tribe, Uglúk, came to force the smaller tribes under his banner. The heads of the two tribes met and Habakul accepted Uglúk's offer. Seeing how capable Habakal was as a leader and in the command of primal power, Uglúk offered Habakul a place in his elite scout.

The Silver Company

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