Creatures of the earth who love a warm hearth and pleasant company, halflings are folks of few enemies and many friends. Halflings are widely dispersed throughout Faerûn and survive by escaping the notice of big folk. Most halflings are content with simple lives, never gaining more prestige than the respect of their local community.

Halflings are sometimes referred to fondly by members of other races as "the good folk," for little upsets them or corrupts their spirit. For many, the greatest fear is to live in a world of poor company and mean intent, where one lacks the freedom and comfort to pursue his or her own life.

Description and Homelands

Halflings (or hin, as they often call themselves) are easily distinguished by their small size, though they dislike being judged solely on account of their short height. Like humans, halflings have regional variations in facial features and complexions. They have the same general appearance as humans, except that their physical qualities are all diminutive.

Many halfling traditional homelands are no more. However, out of tragedy, the halfling race is stronger and more unified, and it has earned the respect of other races.

Former halfling homelands, including the Chondalwood, the Arnrock, and Lurien, are now uninhabitable. Halflings have migrated to other regions and persevered. Intermittent halfling communities are common at crossroads and along major byways. For the most part, nations have tolerated these communities and allowed them to develop and prosper.

Amn is one such nation, with a population of halflings much larger than the entire population of most countries. Halflings in the eastern part of Amn now outnumber humans. Halflings in Amn initially met with resistance and prejudice, but in recent decades, tension has diffused and the halflings have earned a reputation as shrewd merchants and friendly business partners.

Halfling communities are large and frequent along the Sea of Fallen Stars as well, and in many human-dominated cities it is now commonplace to see halflings walking the streets. In this area a number of half lings have taken to the seas in search of profit and adventure.

Exceptions aside, halflings are satisfied by a life filled with farming and commonplace pursuits. The majority are concerned only with the practical necessities of life. The value they place on friendship and community has led half lings to become integral parts of many human and elven societies in Faerûn’s northern reaches.

Playing a Half ling in Toril

Halflings are practical folk who maintain their good spirits even in the face of dire circumstances. They avoid putting themselves in dangerous or difficult situations and try to keep a carefree attitude and positive outlook.

Since the Spellplague's geographical catastrophe displaced thousands of halflings, a philosophical shift has occurred in the minds of many members in the race. The result has been a wider dispersion of lone members of the race, many struck by wanderlust and an interest in adventure. Halfling-run adventure companies have sprung up in many major cities. These groups are not exclusively made up of halflings, but they share a common thematic thread—no matter how small or insignificant one might seem, each has the power to shape the future.

Stories and tales of the past, regardless of whether they are true, fascinate halflings, and many such legends have lured half lings into fantastic adventures exploring ancient ruins and delving into the world’s deep places. Many halflings have an innate curiosity and adventurous spirit, which, on a small scale, leads only to local trouble and mischief. However, these traits also give halflings the potential to succeed as great adventurers, and more than a few have done just that.

Halfling Characteristics: Brave, curious, determined, down-to-earth, friendly, good-natured, lucky, nimble, optimistic, practical, resourceful, warm
Male Names: Ander, Corrin, Dannad, Errich, Finnan, Garret, Lazam, Lindal, Merric, Nebin, Ostran, Perrin, Reed, Shardon, Ulmo, Wenner
Female Names: Andrey, Bree, Callie, Chenna, Eida, Kithri, Lidda, Nedda, Paela, Shaena, Tryn, Vani, Verna, Wella

Halfling Adventurers

Three sample halfling adventurers are described below.

Lidda, halfling rogue

Lidda is a halfling rogue with a quick wit and an acid tongue. At a young age, she left her family out of a desire to see more of the world and experience firsthand the wonders described in the stories she grew up hearing. She has joined several different adventuring groups during her career, and even though her displays of sarcasm and wry humor at her companions' expense would suggest otherwise, she counts each of them as a close friend.

Garret, halfling ranger

Garret is a halfling ranger. Several years ago, his grandfather sent him to look for a distant branch of his family that had stopped responding to messages. Garret found the whole clan had been killed, and he returned to bring the sad news to his family. From that time, he has been unable to stay in one place for long. He doesn't know who or what killed his relatives and doesn't dream of vengeance, but he hopes to do some good in the world that might somehow balance out the atrocity of their murders.

Verna, halfling warlock

Verna is a halfling warlock—and among the most cheerful and gregarious of halflings. The infernal powers she channels seem to leave no mark on her spirit or mind. She takes no delight in killing but uses lethal powers as a practical matter, to protect herself and her allies. She doesn't often talk of the event that propelled her into a life of adventuring and a pact with infernal powers: Without warning, a devil appeared to her and offered her power, in exchange for a favor to be named later. In what she still regards as a moment of folly, she accepted. Nightmares of her unknown future haunt her sleep, but she never speaks of them.

Halfling Racial Traits

Average Height: 3' 10"–4' 2"
Average Weight: 75–85 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma
Size: Small
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Thievery
Bold: You gain a +5 racial bonus to saving throws against fear.
Nimble Reaction: You gain a +2 racial bonus to AC against opportunity attacks.
Second Chance: You can use second chance as an encounter power.

Second Chance Halfling Racial Power
Luck and small size combine to work in your favor as you dodge your enemy's attack.
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Effect: When an attack hits you, force an enemy to roll the attack again. The enemy uses the second roll, even if it's lower.

Play a halfling if you want …

  • to be a plucky hero who is all too easy to underestimate.
  • to be likable, warm, and friendly.
  • to be a member of a race that favors the rogue, ranger, and warlock classes.

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