Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacking is the key to maintaining an elevated metabolic rate to practice weight management even without exercise.



Where did all the cookies go?
Here's the deal: my pantry is now stocked with healthier snacks, and I encourage you to educate yourself about their ingredients and make the right snacking choice for you. I'll try to rotate the list to keep it interesting, and there's still a lot of delicious, delicious sugar in there, just with other nutritional benefits.
Are you banning unhealthy snacks?
That would make me a pretty piss-poor libertarian, huh? If you want to bring chips or cookies or whatever else that's perfectly acceptable, I am just unwilling to be the one to provide it (exceptions exist: see birthday cake).
What about special occasions, like birthdays?
Birthday cake will still happen, unless the birthday boy requests another type of food. I get the feeling for Jim we're having birthdayback ribs.
Aren't artificial sweeteners bad for you?
The study linking saccharine to bladder cancer was misinterpreted and the myth linking aspartame to fat retention was falsified, but these misconceptions still exist today. Even if it were true that artificial sweeteners will eventually kill you, so will diabetes, and at least you'll be getting crazy laid and keep both of your feet doing shit my way, right?
Is this really just another example of an angry German forcing his misguided new agenda on others because he gets off on that?
Oh, most definitely.
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