House Cormaeril

House Cormaeril was a powerful Cormyrean noble house until it fractured in 1341 DR. When it was revealed the family controlled the thieves' guild known as the Fire Knives, a significant portion of the family was exiled and fled to Westgate where they reestablished the Fire Knives. Another branch of the house, unaware of their family's dark dealings, were stripped of a significant portion of their holdings and allowed to remain in Cormyr. Examples of these include Reardon Cormaeril, the Lord of Eveningstar, and Rowen Cormaeril, a scout in service to Alusair Obarskyr, who would later marry Tanalasta Obarskyr and father King Azoun V. It is uncertain if the two branches of House Cormaeril have any contact; this would be considered treason under Cormyrean law.

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