House Tuin'Tarl

House Tuin'Tarl is the seventh house of Menzoberranzan. Known members include:

  • Prid'eesoth Tuin, Matron Mother of House Tuin'Tarl
  • Respen Tuin, moondancer of Eilistraee, wanders the surface
  • Phyrra Tuin, first daughter of Matron Prid'eesoth
  • Rauva Tuin, second daughter of Matron Prid'eesoth (deceased)
  • Orgoloth, a draegloth, the only surviving son of Matron Prid'eesoth
  • Haelra Tuin, lesser noble spymistress and Respen's mother
  • Alton Tuin, Haelra's first consort and Bruherd and Nym's father (deceased)
  • Bhintel Tuin, Haelra's second consort and Respen and Erelda's father
  • Bruherd Tuin, Haelra's first son, fourth consort of Phyrra Tuin, and second consort of Rauva Tuin
  • Nym Tuin, Haelra's second son
  • Erelda Tuin, Haelra's first daughter
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