Race Hobgoblin
Alignment Evil
Patron Deity Maglubiyet
Character Sheet

Hrothgar is a Red Hand hobgoblin warlord and a member of the Crimson Talon. He was formerly the warchief of the Mud Blood Clan before he was beaten in single combat by warchief Uglúk, who tore off Hrothgar's jawbone and left him to be devoured by his own horned drakes, but Hrothgar beat the first of them to death with his own jaw and escaped into the Stonelands alone. When Uglúk's Crimson Talon captured Hrothgar, he was reassigned rather than executed, and given a place of honor among them.

Hrothgar is afforded considerable respect by Uglúk, and his drooping tongue and missing jaw is a grotesque and unnerving disfigurement which only instills greater fear in his subordinates and peers. Many who serve with Hrothgar resent their warchief's favoritism, and some of them even desire to murder him, as is goblin custom, either in single combat or through illicit means.

After the failure of Hoegaarden to assassinate the Blessed Brotherhood at the House of the Morning in Eveningstar, Hrothgar was granted authority and allocated the forces necessary to set a trap for the Brotherhood in the goliath village of Rimespire.

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