Ilse Bauer

Ilse Bauer is a human farmer who owns a ranch just south of the Fork Road. She and a few seasonal ranch hands have run the farm since her husband Stefan was devoured by gnolls a few years ago. Ilse and her daughter Brigitte live in a small wooden farm house surrounded by several unplowed fields and a large barn. A band of dwarves from Citadel Adbar camped in Ilse's barn while the Silver Company tried to recover her daughter's cat, Mr. Muffintops.

Mr. Muffintops

Mr. Muffintops is a plump house cat belonging to Brigitte Bauer, Ilse's daughter. Brigitte's father, Stefan, bought his daughter this cat shortly before his death. Mr. Muffintops is lethargic and does not long for adventure, so was unlikely to have disappeared into the forest near the Bauer ranch. This was the case until he climbed into the branches of a treant and was accidentally carried deep into the forest.

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