Immeral Moonstorm
Immeral Moonstorm
Race Eladrin
Heroic Class Wizard 1
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Bahamut
Player Bryan Rittenberry
Immeral Moonstorm

Immeral Moonstorm is a moon elf wizard. Describe his appearance. Describe his fighting style and ability scores thematically. Describe his values and motivations. Describe his behavior. Describe his party role and how he fulfills it. [optional] Describe any notable features or mannerisms.


Immeral the eladrin lived High Forest until he discovered a cursed orb, when he began to take on the knowledge and personality of a long-dead human archmage named Elric the Damned, who had lived in an age when the mighty human empire of Netheril and the eladrin kingdom of Myth Drannor were at war. The orb was meant to be used as a weapon against the Netherese: its eladrin maker, knowing that his death drew near, created the orb to corrupt the minds of the archmages and crush their empire from within. When Elric took control of the orb, he was infected with terrible psychoses, but maintained composure such that he continue to serve another eight years in his madness as an archmage, before he vanished from the face of Faerûn forever.

For centuries Elric's orb passed from wizard-to-wizard, cursing its wielder with madness and implanting false memories from a bygone age. Immeral now believes his hometown is Myth Drannor, a fledgling eladrin town built among the ruins of the once-great kingdom in the heart of Cormanthor. In his confusion, Immeral "returned" to Myth Drannor to find it in ruins, and then fled south to distance himself from it while he searches for answers. Because he is a powerful wizard whose ancient artifact has thus far protected him from the Spellplague, and having exhausted his savings trying to reach Myth Drannor, Immeral joined up with an adventuring company in the village of Eveningstar, Cormyr.

The Silver Company

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