Important Sites in Deadsnows

Deadsnows is a village with a rich history and colorful night life. It's a great place to have fun with the whole family, that special someone, or a crazy band of well-armed friends who'd murder their own mothers for 15 silver pieces. Here are some of the more important sites.

Icespear House

The Icespear House is the hilltop chateau of the Icespear family, the home of Arletha Icespear, the current ruler of Deadsnows and the only true aristocrat in the whole village. Respected dignitaries and honored guests from neighboring cities, such as delegates from the Silver Marches Confederation, often spend their stay here enjoying the Lady's hospitality and luxury. Breakfast at the Icespear House is pretty standard fare, but the cinnamon buns are exceptional and served with milk flavored with cocoa imported from Tashalar.

The Icespear house is built from stone with a red clay facade and a shingled roof. Several types of ivy grow on a series of white lattices, and the landscape consists of well-kept gardens and fields of grass, though snow is common in this region. In addition to Lady Icespear's private chambers, the Icespear house has three guest rooms, a two-story grand foyer with a crystal chandelier and stained-glass windows, a dining hall with seating for thirty, a ballroom with a grand piano, a personal library, a scary dungeon full of ghouls (!!!), and all of the mundane rooms required to make this house a home, such as a kitchen, several bathrooms, servants' quarters, and a handful of sitting rooms.

Taverns & Inns

The Blazon

This small tavern is owned by a wiry and unscrupulous businessman named Lonnor. He has four tiny rooms with bug-infested straw beds and he charges much out the ass for them, but thanks to the influx of settlers and the scarcity of resources, he's still making a killing. The food here is little more than trail rations, consisting of jerky and hardtack and served with a mug of cheap ale.

The Rose and Hammer

The Rose and Hammer is the only inn within the village walls. It is owned by a married couple, the hostess Rose and her bartender husband "Hammer." Anyone rich enough to stay within the walls but too unimportant to be invited to the Icespear House eventually makes her way here. The service is slow, but the food is good, and the Hammer will tell you embellished stories of his life as an adventurer if you ask him.

Wyvern's Tail

This snowtown tavern is little more than a few ramshackle barns linked together by tents. It was once the Vandarhouse, the base of operations of the Zhentarim spy Vandar, but it was appropriated by the fledgling Silver Company and turned into their first stronghold, instead. The change in ownership did little to improve the reputation; in fact, the addition of humanoid taxidermy and the removal of Vandar's criminal network has made the Wyvern's Tail a place where anyone who can actually afford his tab is afraid to go. The food is far from exceptional, but the Wyvern's Tail still boasts the rowdiest parties in town.


The Hospice of Marthammor

About two miles from Deadsnows stands a fortified abbey dedicated to Marthammor Duin, the dwarf deity who watches over those dwarves who dwell among the human communities of the North. The Wanderer's church is small, but his followers are loyal, and those dwarves who find that their careers take them far afield do not fail to pay him homage. Many dwarf adventurers revere Marthammor, especially those whose travels seem to lead them in random or uncertain directions.

Observer Kerrilla Gemstar leads the abbey. Beneath her are a dozen clerics, seven monks, ten friars, and a dozen guards. The dwarves run a hospice and refectory for travelers in need, which is almost always full these days.

The Morning Watchtower

Rising above the walls of Deadsnows, this slender tower casts its shadow over the main gate. A banner flies from its topmost turret, depicting the golden sunrise of Lathander. The watchtower is home to five Lathanderite clerics, as well as a couple of guards who make sure the temple is safe and secure. Morninglord Ashnar the Humble is the leader of the temple.

The House of Righteousness

This temple of Torm was built by Sir Paron Andris, a member of the Silver Company. It is sparsely decorated but built with strong stone walls. Though Torm's dogma of loyalty, honesty, and righteousness is not popular among the gold prospectors Deadsnows is attracting, this temple is steadily growing in popularity.

Art & Culture

Icespear Gallery

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This art gallery was opened by Lady Icespear following the departure of the Silver Company. Though she managed to collect a few pieces from Silverymoon and Everlund, most of the works have been provided by local artists, so the gallery is understandably god-awful.

Silver Company Free Library

The public library was funded with the donation of a grateful Lady Icespear's private collection. It consists mostly of volumes saved by Darius Marduk in the Icespear House and other books purchased by Pavel Renoir in the Silver Company's name. The library is well-stocked but readership is low, probably due to Deadsnows' non-existent upper class and small merchant class; literacy among commoners is low.

Dresdtinn Opera House

Before Natali Dresdtinn left Deadsnows to permanently relocate to Silverymoon, she donated this building to the village in her grandmother's name. Though originally priced low to encourage an appreciation of the arts, ticket prices are now much higher to separate the Oleath Hawksinger's Midnight Serenade fans from the Wyvern's Tail's "Tits-Out Tuesday" crowd. The opera house hosts a local theater company, but a famous group from Everlund is coming next month to put on a real show. Tickets to that event have been sold out for months, much to the chagrin of would-be socialites the village over.

Other Services

Strongbeard Brewery

The Strongbeards are a famous dwarven brewing clan with roots in Citadel Adbar and Citadel Felbarr known for "Strongbeard cider," one of Faerûn's most popular beverages. As the population of Deadsnows exploded, so too did the demand for a cheap, delicious ale. Enter: Strongbeard hefeweizen, a crisp human-style wheat beer brewed according to the Dwarven purity laws.


A gristmill is a staple of medieval fantasy life, consisting of a water-driven grinder crushing grain into flour. This one is located outside the village walls on the Icespear stream, and is only notable because of the prospectors who are always poking around looking for gold.


This shop performs mundane metalwork for a fee, offering things such as swords, shovels, and horseshoes. Custom work requires more time and gold than most people are willing to invest, however. When the town's last blacksmith packed up and left for Sundabar, it was Zichew Bejiad who purchased his shop to build a laboratory. As such, the current smithy operates out of a converted residence and constantly bemoans this fact.


Owned by Jethro, a highland plains dairy farmer, this is a great place to buy, sell, and stable draft animals and pack animals. The stalls were originally built for milking cows, but when the gold rush began they were quickly converted to accommodate horses and for a time the owner made a quick buck selling both rental stalls and shaved prime rib sandwiches. His wife still serves their regionally famous sandwich, but it is now made with lamb and includes melted goat cheese and a thick mushroom gravy.

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