Important Sites in Eveningstar

Eveningstar Map Key
1. The Lonesome Tankard (inn)
2. Eveningstar Hall (meeting house, Purple Dragon barracks for visiting forces, jail)
3. Ruldo Stables (horses bought, sold, rented; stabling space for the Tankard)
4. Market square
5. Ashnairn's Fine Clothing (shop)
6. Ebbard Highsong, Butcher (shop)
7. The Old Boot (wagonmaker and harness shop)
8. Residence of Auldo Morin, village clerk and purser (also Purple Dragon barracks for 10-man local detachment)
9. Tessaril's Tower (previous Lord's residence)
10. Orsborg's Adornments (home, shop)
11. The House of the Morning (temple to Amaunator)
12. Temple Granaries
13. Temple "Home" Fields
14. Pillar Rock (local landmark; old tomb cave in base)
15. Redhand Pool
16. Deltar's Mill
17. High Pasture (common grazing land)
18. The Iron Hand (smithy)
19. The Golden Unicorn Inn
20. Baskar's Nook (print shop)
21. Mother Tethos/Cordials, Herbs, Gentle Cures (physic shop; local midwife)
22. The Low Lantern (tavern, dance hall, theater)
23. Tethyr Hardware (shop)
24. Tethyr's Court (rooming house)
25. Uldar the Potter (home and shop)
26. The Silver Branch (shop)
27. Olff's Rest (rooming house and carpentry shop; proprietor Roarel Olff)
28. Eveningstar Bakery (home and shop; proprietress Urda Malo)
29. Ruin of the Welcoming Hand (inn)
30. South stables of Ladian Ruldo (see 3)
31. Old Meg's Hut (ruin of dead crone's house; favorite children's play spot)
32. Eveningstar Gorge (route to Haunted Halls)
33. Residence of Syndair Thorn, Weaver and Dressmaker (also mage)

The Lonesome Tankard

Main Article: The Lonesome Tankard

This busy and at times overcrowded inn and tavern also serves as Eveningstar's restaurant. Inside, it's warm and inviting in a rustic roadhouse sort of way. Most of the villagers gather here to dine every night or to chat over a quaff of ale later in the evening. The Tankard's fame is increasing steadily as more and more caravan travelers discover it. It's famous as a past base of the Knights of Myth Drannor and the former favorite stopover of the King's Men when Azoun IV was a young prince-adventurer in that band.

The Tankard is run by Dunman Kiriag, a jovial, kind man who's deadly with a hurled dagger but seemingly a friend to everyone. The Tankard has two floors of guest bedchambers, a rentable private meeting and/or dining room off the main taproom, and no stables. Dunman rents stalls in the stables due west, across the road for the use of his guests. The Lonesome Tankard is an enjoyable and very reasonable place to stay in pleasant surroundings that is strategically located at the juncture of two major trade roads. As many caravan merchants have found, it's an ideal stop. Caravans can camp due east of the inn, across the river, and use the Starwater freely for bathing and watering their beasts.

Eveningstar Hall

Eveningstar Hall is Eveningstar's only true government building. It contains the town's meeting hall, barracks for visiting Purple Dragons, and a jail. The jail wasn't really necessary until recently; crime in Eveningstar is uncommon, and punishments such as fines or lashings were typically sufficient.

Some of Eveningstar Hall's inmates are Jean-Pierre Duvalier (attempted murder), Johann of the Purple Dragons (assault, attempted murder, treason), Joséphine Dupuis (petty theft, sedition), Laenaya Whispersong (grand theft), and Markus Eisbrecher (murder).

Ruldo Stables

Ruldo Stables is the largest stabling in Eveningstar, owned by Ladian Ruldo. Ruldo Stables provides all manner of services and goods for horses and other mounts, including buying, selling, and renting horses and ponies and even stabling exotic beasts for adventurers who manage to capture them. Ruldo Stables is actually split into two locations: the northern stables (#3 on the map) on the Market Square, across the street from the Lonesome Tankard, and the southern stables (#30 on the map), near Ladian's home along the Starwater.

Market Square

The Market Square is prime real estate surrounding public land used to host festivals, fairs, and the weekly farmer's market, which is the main source of social interaction for most Evenor, especially those who live too far outside of the village limits to spend their nights at the Lonesome Tankard. If someone wants everyone in Eveningstar to witness something, the Market Square is the ideal place to do it; merchants, politicians, bards, zealots, and proselytizers all make frequent use of the Market Square before being driven off by the Purple Dragons.

Ebbard Highsong, Butcher

One of three shops whose rears abut the market square, this brick building has a magnificent facade backed by an almost tumbled down smokehouse. Ebbard Highsong is widely respected as a generous man whose skill is such that he can butcher and hang something as large as a bull in a matter of minutes. Ebbard works like a fiend at spring lambing and the fall slaughter.

The Old Boot

This wagon-making and harness shop is one of three local businesses run by the fat, greedy merchant Arbold Tethyr. (He also has a rooming house and a hardware store.) Arbold's prices are steep, but his skilled workers can do very quick wagon or harness repairs and fashion a custom conveyance or harness rig inside a tenday. Modifying an existing wagon for a new, personalized look takes them four days or less. Many merchants have grumbled at paying 25 gp for a minor repair or 40 gp for something a little more serious, but they brightened when the work was done overnight or in the space of a few hours.

Arbold wisely leaves his workers to get on with things, confining himself to the role of grand financier. His staff includes two men who are experts in the making of wheels and runners of superior strength and durability. One is also the acknowledged expert in fashioning new axles and putting them in place on wagons without unloading or destroying all the cargo inside.

Tessaril's Tower

This alabaster tower rises three stories above the tallest buildings in Eveningstar, and it was once the keep of Lady Tessaril Winter. She has been seldom seen there in recent months, and altogether absent for several weeks, but no one is certain where she's gone. Because no one is sure how to open any of the sanctum doors, the tower remains full of magical treasures and other oddities, rumors of which have become commonplace since her disappearance.

Orsborg's Adornments

Vilnar Orsborg provides body adornment services to Evenor citizens and visitors alike. His shop is situated in a prime location between the Lonesome Tankard and Tessaril's Tower. The shop is also his home; he lives upstairs. Orsborg is a fat, waddling, cheery man whose loud clothes and louder speech conceal a calm competency at money matters, barbering, and the application of tattoos with some artistry. His skill with the money he earns is surprising. He's grown very wealthy through buying and selling property all over Cormyr, and he owns almost an entire street in Suzail.

Ask local ladies to show you their Orsborg adornments and you're likely to get slapped. Their husbands, however, proudly display their own smaller depictions of gauntlets, family arms, crossed swords, and purple dragons—and tell you about whatever of Orsborg's work their wives sport. Orsborg's work has smooth, swirling curves and vivid hues and has even attracted the attention of distant Calishite satraps, who send a few of their folk every year to be tattooed. Orsborg is also an expert perfumer.

The House of the Morning

Main Article: The House of the Morning

Under the leadership of Patriarch Charisbonde "Trueservant" Belon, this wealthy and influential temple complex to Amaunator farms and invests in the new businesses and bold ventures of others with vigor and enthusiasm. They run a very successful farm that produces herbs, nuts, plants for use in scents and medicines, and enough food to see to all village and temple needs. The temple feeds and houses guests of most good and neutral faiths for a nightly fee. Healing services are performed unstintingly, but the fees are steep enough to see the entire temple through a lean decade, not just a bad year!

Pillar Rock

Pillar Rock is a small, flat hill in northwestern Eveningstar. It is a local landmark and, due to the view it affords of the Eastern Storm Horns, a popular date spot. In the southeastern corner of Pillar Rock is an old tomb. Almost 400 years ago, a mad necromancer used these tombs to create undead servitors, but both the necromancer and his followers were slaughtered by paladins of Lathander (now Amaunator) and the tomb was permanently sealed. After some unusual seismic activity damaged the tomb, it was briefly reopened by the Ebon League, who put down the remaining undead.

Deltar's Mill

Most northerly of Eveningstar's buildings, this large mill stands on the Starwater's west bank below Redhand Pool. The mill is surrounded by the house, vegetable garden, and grain warehouse of its proprietor, Deltar Tummarlin. He processes all grain and flour crops for surrounding farmers and bakes his own justly famous onion loaves. These foot-long, grub-shaped bread loaves are liberally spiced with groundroot, leeks, and onion. They're yours for 1 cp each, and they're best eaten with drippings while hot.

The Iron Hand

This busy smithy is the abode and pride of Master Armorer Dhurthal Ironhand, a man of few words, mighty thews, and magnificent flowing red hair and mustache. Dhurthal works quickly, crafting gorgets, greaves, gauntlets, and shields when he hasn't orders to fill. Unless Azoun has whelmed a Purple Dragon army, he has a selection of such items for sale at all times. He's known for his gleaming everbright-treated plate armors, which are worn by many nobles of Cormyr, and his sideline: pewter pots. The pots are cast by his apprentices whenever they've idle time.

The Golden Unicorn Inn

This cozy, quiet, back-street place run by Selda Imyara takes the overflow from the more popular Tankard and is often used by nobles who desire discretion. It has separate entrance stairs for some of its suites that open directly to the outside, and it offers its own private stables. Prices are slightly higher here than at the Tankard, and no provender is to be had beyond melted cheese sandwiches, ale, minted ice water, and house wine. But this is a pleasant enough place, quiet and luxuriously furnished—a hidden gem.

Baskar's Nook

This dusty crowded shop (a former granary) in the back streets of Eveningstar is the home and shop of Baskar Lendo, a tall but stooped, thin, nervous man whose failing eyesight makes him peer at everything like an inquisitive bird. Baskar is a sage in the field of the history, folklore, and genealogies of the heartlands of Cormyr. He is a great font of knowledge about Cormyr's past and has made a special study of the deeds and misdeeds of nobles and adventurers. In his print shop, Baskar makes and sells inks and parchment and produces handbills for hire.

Baskar also produces a broadsheet paper, the Cormyr Clarion. This single-sheet paper makes fascinating reading for the visitor. It lays bare the current gossip and doings of the folk of Eveningstar, from who's been interviewed by Purple Dragons recently to who won the last game of jacks at the Tankard. It also features both news of upcoming local sales and events and a rather salacious rumors column whose snide comments are alone worth the 2-cp cost of the Clarion.

The Low Lantern

This establishment is a tavern, dance hall, and theater all in one, and it is often noisy and crowded enough that it seems to be a stockyard, too! The Lantern is run by the pretty and spirited Maea "Iron Eyes" Dulgussir, who apparently keeps some discreet magic to defend herself and the Lantern with. The place is popular because it's so cozy and welcoming, from the dark-eyed escorts to the crackling fires by the gaming tables. Traveling minstrels stop here often to provide music for dancers and melancholy midnight drinkers and often leave laden with extra coins thrown their way by appreciative listeners. The Lantern is usually crowded and doesn't serve much food beyond smoked oysters and garlic-butter biscuits, but it has an extensive wine cellar.

Olff's Rest and Tethyr's Court

Eveningstar has two rooming houses: Tethyr's Court and Olff's Rest. Tethyr's Court is owned by the busy Arbold Tethyr and run by his wife and eight live-in maids. It is cheery and clean but unexciting. Olff's Rest is even less inspiring. Guests can rent rooms at either house by the tenday or month for 1 sp per night, stabling included. No meals are covered in this fee, and there's no single-night rate. Travelers unable to get into the Tankard or Unicorn have to pay for a tenday even if they only intend to stay one night.

The Silver Branch

One of the shops on the main run along the north side of the High Road, the Silver Branch features a helmed horror guardian constructed only from the torso up. It floats above the shelves of merchandise to minimize damage. This small, elegant establishment is a shop of quality that is increasingly popular with passing merchants looking for pricey gift items they can resell in Sembia, Iriaebor, or Amn. The shop stocks a wonderful selection of jewelry, art, glasswork, and fine silks from Mulhorand and locales even farther east.

Among the jewelry, the delicate, locally made ladies' pieces of everbright silver, set with sapphires, are particularly nice. The art is a mixed bag. It seems to consist mainly of romantic paintings of gallant plate-armored Cormyrean knights hacking at each other or fearsome monsters at dawn or at sunset somewhere in a deep forest that sports crumbling ruins and a chained, shrinking maiden or two. The glasswork is particularly exquisite, though. Fluted blown glass pieces are the order of the day, and they are almost worth the 40-gp-and-up prices! The proprietress, Amathaea Arryn, can identify most gems and fake gemstones at a glance. She and her two daughters make some of the jewelry and can skillfully retouch paintings to add a customer's face to a knight or blushing maiden figure, a particular charge of arms to a shield, and the like.

Eveningstar Bakery

The Eveningstar Bakery is properly the common room in pastry chef Urda Malo's house. She has a few tables set up for guests to enjoy a sweet treat with one of her designer coffees (the caffè macchiato is superb), but the majority of her business is conducted at the counter. Her most popular pastry is the chocolate éclair, but her other confections are common about town: Reardon Cormaeril recently bought the nine-tier cake used in his daughter's wedding from the Eveningstar Bakery, for example. Lucian Sewell can usually be found here sobering up or working on his novel.

Old Meg's Hut

"Old Meg" was a allegedly a sorceress of some ability who lived in Eveningstar for as long as anyone could remember. The people feared her, and attributed all manner of stories and superstitions to her, so she lived alone on the far side of the temple "home" fields, southeast of Pillar Rock, away from the rest of the village. She died about twenty years ago, and soon after that a wildfire destroyed her home (some claim it was arson, others claim the vengeful spirit of Old Meg claimed her home even in the afterlife). Even twenty years later the people are still too afraid to rebuild, and so the charred ruin of Old Meg's hut remains, now a popular hangout for maladjusted teenagers and misguided youths.

Syndair's Cloth Fancies

Some folk come to Eveningstar to learn magic. The village's only remaining mage besides Lord Tessaril is the kindly Syndair Thorn, who is also a weaver and dressmaker. She uses her minor magics to entertain and to tutor wizards. While she is not averse to short-term tutoring, she takes on no long-term apprentices. She prefers to make her living through her clothworking skills, and is locally renowned for her good eye for custom-tailoring gowns and her ability to pick colors and shades that exactly compliment the wearer of her designs.

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