Chatper II: Interlude

Midwinter Day, 1375 DR. In the six months since the Silver Company delivered Ugreth, the son of King Obould Many-Arrows, to King Harbromm of Citadel Adbar for safekeeping, a great deal has changed in the Silver Marches.

The Kingdom of Many-Arrows

These past six months, Obould and his Broken Arrow tribe have fought great wars of orc-kind, launching a most successful campaign against the tuskers of the Spine of the World. Many chieftains of lesser tribes now serve Obould as vassals, and the skulls of those who refused adorn Obould's iron throne. In either case, the ranks of Obould's armies swell; where once the orc-king commanded a horde two-thousand strong, his fledgling empire, the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, holds dominion over fifteen-thousand orcs.

Most notably these wars have led to the death of several great orc heroes, including all of Obould's living heirs. The orc-king has now shifted his strategy to a more diplomatic approach, hoping to negotiate with King Harbromm for Ugreth's return. The stubborn Harbromm refused and is unlikely to change his feelings on the matter.

The Silver Marches Confederation

Even as the orcs of the North move towards establishing civilization, their desire for war is great. Countless skirmishes have erupted with the more isolated people of Luruar, and the Argent Legion, which had been stretched thin (with simply too much territory to protect and too few soldiers to protect it), has withdrawn to the major cities on the front line (Silverymoon, Mithral Hall, and Citadel Felbarr) for domestic defense, leaving the smaller settlements to fend for themselves. Some among the dwarfholds have called for dissolution of the Silver Marches, but the leaders have elected to renew their treaty for another year, with Lady Alustriel being the major proponent for upholding the confederation.


This isolated logging town in the heart of the Moonwood has enjoyed a reputation as a peaceful backwater in times past. In recent months, Malar-worshiping lycanthropes of the People of the Black Blood, possibly driven south by the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, have begun raiding Quaervarr for supplies and hostages. To date, none of these hostages have been returned, nor has any ransom been demanded.

The Zhentarim: A Secret Threat

The rise of Obould's empire has only positively affected the Zhentarim, their dark dealings going largely unnoticed even by their anathema, the Harpers. Working in secret, the Zhentarim threatens what peace and stability still exists in the region. Worst of all, the mage Forcas Forneus still has big plans for the Silver Marches and bigger dreams of revenge against the Silver Company.

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