Isabella Eisbrecher
Isabella Eisbrecher
Race Human
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Sune
Character Sheet

Isabella Eisbrecher is a young Evenor woman who is possessed by a ghost. She has blonde-brown hair, blue eyes, and a pale complexion. When Isabella was just a girl, her father killed her mother for cuckolding him, and he was until recently serving a life sentence when the Ebon League released him. Isabella believes her history is the original source of her troubles with men, a string of terrible relationships which has only compounded over the years. When the Ebon League came to Eveningstar, she was instantly attracted to Morthos the Deceiver (under the guise of the human "Maxwell Cantilever") and accompanied him to the Cormaeril-Dragonguard wedding reception. She earnestly believed that he might be "the one," but when Morthos revealed himself to be a tiefling, she stopped herself at deep throating his lobster and decided that there will always be more fish in the sea.

While Isabella was stumbling across the bridge over the Starwater with Louis Beaumont, she was possessed by the ghost of Mina van Aken, an adventurer-worshiping merchant's daughter who was killed by Liam Cormaeril's drunk driving. She left Louis behind and immediately set off to try to seduce a member of the Ebon League, which may prove fairly simple, given her complete lack of feminine wiles, having grown up with no one but her father and the caravan guards.

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