Ivellios Thornblade
Ivellios Thornblade
Race Wood Elf
Heroic Class Ranger 11
Paragon Path Battlefield Archer
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Solonor Thelandira
Player Bryan Rittenberry
Ivellios Thornblade

Ivellios Thornblade is a wood elf ranger from the High Forest. Formerly an archaeologist focused on excavating artifacts from some of the North's most notorious dungeons, Ivellios recently lost his entire family and was nearly killed by an unknown group of assailants. In hopes of taking revenge, Ivellios tempered his body and set off for the town of Deadsnows following his only lead.


Ivellios Thornblade was born in the town of Reitheillaethor. He enlisted in the local militia to help patrol the border next to the Dire Wood. Here he learned the art of tracking and hunting, and was quite good at it. Upon his discharge, Ivellios became interested in ancient relics left by his ancestors and his family moved to the north east to be closer to some ancient ruins.

As a amateur archaeologist investigating an ancient burial site, he had discovered several artifacts of unknown origin. Before he had a chance to research these artifacts, a group of powerful raiders held his family for ransom to obtain these artifacts. Not caring about the artifacts, he turned them over but his family was killed in front of him anyway. Ivellios drew his bow killing one of the raiders as two of the other raiders drew crossbows and returned fire. The leader drew his greatsword and grazed Ivellios in the head. As Ivellios fell to the ground, he was struck by two crossbow bolts in the back. The wizard among the group whispered an incantation which sent the house ablaze. When they had left, Ivellios managed to crawl out of the house.

After recovering from the attack that left his family dead, Ivellios was on the trail of one of the murderers. Ivellios was no longer a ranger, but a savage beast—forsaking reason and consciousness for rage and madness. His trail lead to the town of Deadsnows in the Silver Marches.

Physical Description

Ivellios Thornblade is a rugged-looking elf with a large scar engraved in his face by a greatsword. Ivellios is roughly six feet tall and slender, with wild hair and eyes like green flame. He is wearing tattered earthen clothes and a long cloak.


Ivellios Thornblade was completely driven by revenge. The need to hunt down his family's murderers was the only thing on his mind. Ivellios' class goal is to become a powerful ranger in order to track down his family's murderers and kill them.

After hunting down and killing one of the murderers (a half-orc named Krak-toof), Ivellios did not find satisfaction. While taking a break from his hunt, Ivellios found slight satisfaction in killing those who do evil to protect others in need. By saving Deadsnows from an inevitable orc invasion, Ivellios realized that he prevented others from knowing his pain. Ivellios is torn between helping others and taking the revenge on his family's murderers.

The Silver Company

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