Ivoire de Montauban
Ivoire de Montauban
Race Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Patron Deity Torm
Character Sheet

Ivoire de Montauban is a human paladin of Torm from Ravens Bluff. She is a slender, strong woman with short black hair and a warrior's visage. She is talented in swordplay and can recite the Code of Torm by heart, as well as the additional rites of the clergy. She embodies justice and righteous fury against those who do intentionally harm others, but will kill followers of the dark god Bane indiscriminately. She is normally stoic and reserved, but is a terrible sight to behold when she unleashes her anger on these servants of darkness. Her knowledge of the justice systems of both nations and faiths makes her a useful ally for avoiding legal entanglements or even advocate in the absence of a true barrister. When there is no righteous work to be done, she usually withdraws from others and is given to spells of melancholy.


Ivoire de Montauban was born to wealthy parents in Ravens Bluff, both of whom were strongly devoted to Torm. When Ivoire was just a girl, Torm had his fateful battle with Bane during the Time of Troubles and her parents both gave their lives to aid their god. The orphan Ivoire was now raised by the church, in the same orphanage as Paron Andris.

When Ivoire reached adulthood, she pledged herself to Torm's service and became a paladin. She was a talented warrior, but was prodigious at horsemanship and religious scholarship. She joined the Order of Praetorians and became the lover of its captain Sir Roland.

In 1374 DR she led an expedition to the Silver Marches to assassinate an influential Zhentarim agent and kill or disband his minions. When she disappeared in Deadsnows, Sir Paron took control of the mission and, through the intervention (and formation) of the Silver Company, it was considered a success, even though the Zhentarim commander escaped alive.

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