James Hind
James Hind
Race Human
Heroic Class Fighter 1
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Valkur
Player Anthony Mastrean
James Hind

"I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

James Hind has been a fisherman, mercenary, pirate, and soldier. The victim of a series of unfortunate events, he is far from home and a fugitive from the state. James desires to return to his wife, but needs to clear his name and take control of his destiny. He is bound for Eveningstar where adventuring charters are being signed. He will earn the wealth, power, and fame to set his own course and return home.

James is an athletic man in his early 30s. His years at sea have worn his skin and trained his body. His sharp gaze indicates worldly experience. He dresses smartly, but not richly. His armaments are kept well and bear personal touches.


James grew up in the sleepy little town of Redwater. At a young age, he married the prettiest girl in town, Dalia Miller. James was not satisfied being a fisherman, so he left home to seek his fortune in Westgate.

He joined Barrett's Privateers, patrolling the Dragon Coast and robbing Sembian merchant ships under a letter of marque from Cormyr's House Longbrooke. During an unfortunate battle with pirates, James was lost overboard. He was recovered and hauled in front of the pirate captain, Black Bart. James simply asked Bart to please not kill him. Bart's interest was aroused by the "please" and asked James why he should make an exception. James explained his mission to raise enough money to settle down with his wife. James's description of Dalia's beauty intrigued Bart to the point that he hired James on-board as his personal attendant.

James served Black Bart on the Fortune, pirating across the Sea of Fallen Stars. Every night Bart would tell James, "Good night. Good work. Sleep well, I'll most likely kill you in the morning." After several years, the two men grew close and could call each other friends. Allowing him to return home, Bart sent James with a vessel to Westgate.

Unfortunately, a detachment of Cormyrian ships were in port and captured the pirate ship. James swore to his captors that he was a privateer with Barrett's and was lost at sea many years ago. But, the law was strict and pirates were to be hanged. An officer who knew Barrett remembered James and was able to reduce his sentence to impressment, a sure improvement over hanging. James was sent out to sea once again, this time west to Suzail, where he would be processed and assigned a duty.

Once docked, the enlisted men would disembark and the conscripts would be recorded. James had other plans. Assisted by his impressed compatriots, James shut the officers in their quarters and set the ship careening into a dock. In the confusion, James slipped off the boat and took the long road north to Arabel.

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