January 16, 2008

January 16, 2008 was the fifteenth night of the Blood and Gold campaign. The heroes were caught up in drow politics and faced Respen Tuin's brother and his band in the dark woods. 2160 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The characters were wrapping up their adventures in the forest after the High Hunt. During their revelry, some villainous looking drow emerged from the woods, completely surprising the group. Two of the drow Moondancers were held with knives to their throats. Another addressed the crew, obviously unconcerned for the Silver Company's strange presence. The leader, Bruherd Tuin, demands that Gorgozamoth be brought forward for delivery to the matron.

Respen stepped forward, demanding his brother explain his request. Respen seemed as interested in interfering with his brother's plans as protecting his new friends. The two drow traded some very impolite insults but it was clear they were not going to settle things diplomatically. Respen and Paron Andris attack Bruherd, Thulsa Doomhammer paralyzes one of the assassins on his way to the edge of the swamp, and the others prepare for other foes to appear.

Bruherd calls, on a great horn, several more drow warriors and a host of spiders large and small. The team is flanked, but Thulsa's spells help to weaken the monstrous spiders and quickly burn a group of the smaller ones. Respen and Paron destroy Bruherd without remorse. Drago and Zichew take out the remaining spiders and drow, only one monstrous spider escaping, quite wounded into the forest. Respen seems almost pleased that his brother will be troubling him, and this world, no more. Gorgozamoth, used to isolation and fear, sets off on her own, to bring no more trouble to this area or the Silver Company. The company gathers the spoils from their battle and takes the remaining drow back to Deadsnows for a post hunt festival and opening ceremony at the Wyvern's Tail.

The party at the tavern was joyous and raucous. Lady Icespear showed up somewhat late, but very elegantly, and was wooed quite successfully by the charismatic Paron Andris. Thulsa continued to entertain Eioli and decided, in a state altered by spirits and revelry, to sway (or spite!?) the heart of Natali Dresdtinn with the help of an elixir of love.

The very next morning, Zichew and Drago meet the forward element of a column of heavily armored dwarves marching toward the town. It seems that the message of the orc threat made its way to Citadel Adbar! The group meets with Warbeard1 Thorin Ironhand and arranges lodging for his men. They take a few minutes to make introductions with the important members of the town and to divulge information on the Silver Company. The company tells the tale of Ugreth's capture and his fate, but the dwarves seem more interested in the situation regarding The Outcast. The men spend the rest of the evening devising tactics and clever schemes to take out this giant threat.

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