January 23, 2008

January 23, 2008 saw the Silver Company lead a group of dwarven commandos into the mines of the troll Agarik. The Giant was not present, and was instead preparing an ambush outside of Deadsnows. The heroes sent the troll false signals, and he assaulted the town unaware it awaited his attack. 1600 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis


The Silver Company, bolstered by Thorin Ironhand and his dwarves, marched through the crisp morning dew to the mines in Mount Oervhek. They were bound to destroy the Outcast once and for all. Ivellios Thornblade and Drago Lundgren were sent to scout the mine entrance while Thulsa Doomhammer produced a magical censor within the mine itself. The villains in the mine had kept busy, clearing a portion of the woods around the mine and blocking the entryway with a crude wall. Ivellios and Drago took the liberty of dispatching the surprisingly light guard detail.

The dwarves set about clearing the entryway obstruction. Ivellios and Drago, excited by combat and not ones to sit around, pressed the attack to the upper chambers of the mine, clearing the mess hall and kitchen of the few remaining orcs. They encountered one unexpected foe, a winter wolf, and pinned him in the back room, weathering his icy breath until he surrendered. This creature was a mere mercenary and, for a few gold pieces, was willing to divulge information on the situation at the mine.

The Outcast and his main force was in the wilderness outside Deadsnows waiting for a signal to attack. Only a few trolls and ogres were left in the lower chambers of the mine, lazily awaiting the Silver Company's arrival, as their trigger to signal Agarik. The dwarves were sent speedily back to town, but the Silver Company took another route, in an attempt to track and flank Agarik. Drago was left behind to fake the signal when it was advantagous to the company's plans.

The Silver Company lost the troll force's tracks in the swollen river running across the Deadsnows trail. Making some quick tactical decisions, the heroes fell back to the town, preparing the dwarves, militia, clerics, and drow archers for the impending attack. Drago set the signal fire and began his flight back to town. Thulsa prepared his spells and took a comfortable position in the Wyvern's Tail loft. Ivellios scaled the Morning Watchtower and nocked his bow, his eyes fixed on the horizon. Zichew Bejiad prepared the townspeople for the assault. Paron Andris took his stance in the middle of the road before the town's gate, hefted his shield, gritted his teeth, and whispered prayers to Torm for strength and protection.

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