January 30, 2008

On January 30, 2008 the Silver Company defended the town of Deadsnows from the remaining forces of the troll Agarik. They were ultimately victorious and the suffered minimal damage. 2050 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Agarik and his minions, two columns of orcs, ogres, and another troll each, appeared on the road to Deadsnows, just as the Silver Company expected. The town was setup to appear unaware of the attack, but only a few brave miners were actually still walking the paths of Snowtown. The two columns split off the road and headed into the forest and were lost to sight, Ivellios Thornblade, high up in the Morning Watchtower, supposed they would be flanking the town. The company could not be certain and Paron Andris ordered the dwarves to stay posted on either side of the main gate, the drow, however, were on the walls, in a more mobile position.

Agarik strode right up the road, but turned into Snowtown, right for the Wyvern's Tail, before Paron could engage him. He must have known about the Silver Company's hideout! When Agarik was well within Snowtown, two squads of dwarven warriors appeared from side paths and houses and surrounded the troll. The dwarves were able to contain and damage the villain, but he was simply too strong, felling several dwarves with every attack, but Thulsa Doomhammer was counting on this delay and assaulted Agarik with acid arrows, which stayed in his body damaging him long after spell was cast. As the dwarves were scattered, Paron and Zichew Bejiad ran over to support Thulsa. Agarik nearly breached the Wyvern's Tail, but, luckily, the work of the acid arrows was quite potent. Thulsa slipped the magic ring from Agarik's finger and destroyed his body with a scorching ray.

The two columns of orcs, ogres, and trolls appeared from the wilderness on opposite sides of the town. The other creatures used the ogres as ladders to breach the walls. Ivellios, a master of his craft, was picking off any orc that lingered in the open. The dwarves and drow were too far away to put up a proper defense and scattered into the town to engage what enemies they could, while Drago Lundgren arrived in town flying a massive bee.

Drago moved to engage one of the trolls in melee combat. The troll's claws quickly rent asunder the Silver Company's winter wolf ally, but Drago, supported by a hail of arrows from the watchtower, brought down the troll with a flurry of blows and set the trolls corpse alight while Ivellios kept it's body pinned down with his bow.

The ogre "ladders" made a charge for the gate, but Paron and Zichew moved to intercept while Thulsa targeted them with a fireball spell. Ivellios Thornblade leaped from the watchtower into a cart of medieval insulation (straw) left over from the recent reconstruction effort and rendezvoused with Drago while Paron and Zichew finished off the ogres.

The party headed south to find the remaining troll, when Ivellios noticed the Icespear house being breached by orcs. He and Drago split from the others and ran to save Lady Icespear from a grim fate. She had fled to the basement with orcs on her tail, but Ivellos and Drago quickly dispatched the tuskers and returned to the town.

Paron, Zichew, Thulsa, and Respen found the last troll outside Haskar Riverside's Emporium, where two ogres appeared from within. Thulsa engaged the creatures with a massive fireball, destroying everything the troll had not. Paron unleashed his divine might as Respen moved to sneak attack the ogres, while Zichew kept everyone in peak fighting condition.

The final group of enemies arrived at the south gate, a pair of orcs mounted on winter wolves! Weary of combat and counting on the loose allegiances of the winter wolves, Paron called out to them, saying their leader was killed and that they may live another day if they fled. One of the wolves fled with his rider, while the other continued his charge. Ivellios and Drago arrived as Thulsa laid into the enemies with a lightning bolt, frying an orc and damaging the others. The Silver Company quickly dispatched these enemies and herded the remaining orcs back into the center of town, where the dwarves finished them off with their longspears.

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