January 9, 2008

January 9, 2008 was was the fourteenth night of the Blood and Gold campaign and the first session of the new year. The heroes celebrated the Greengrass festival, enjoyed their first long break from adventuring, and participated in a high-hunt-eilistraee. 1075 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The members of the Silver Company took 12 days after the festival to get their life, treasure, and goals in order. Drago practiced his kata extensively, Ivellios wandered the forests and hunted game, Paron meditated on the blessings of Torm and prayed for the souls of the departed, Respen managed his business and sharpened his wit, Thulsa deciphered the Zhentarim spellbook and prepared other arcane amenities, and Zichew put his inventions and craftswork to practice repairing the temple.

Thulsa's act was uncovered by his "grandmother's" other grandchild, a young female wizard-apprentice. He managed to offend the girl, but told Morwenna the truth. Ivellios met a kinsman, Glorfindel, in the woods and was told that the messenger to the High Forest never made it, although the sloppiness of the gnolls guaranteed that the message was not discovered by villains. Respen worked to re-open the Vandarhouse as the Wyvern's Tail and hired Pavel as manager. One of the freed slaves, Ulrik, a teamster by trade, offered his services to the Silver Company and was readily accepted.

The Silver Company met with friendly drow, soon to engage in the High Hunt in the foothills of Mount Grimfang. They had heard of the company's deeds and were offered the most unique invitation to participate. The party agreed and joined the drow under the moonlight, dancing and reveling in the moment. They took off in teams to track and slay a corrupted nature guardian. The creature was found by Ivellios and Drago in a dark bog, it was revealed to be a massive twisted elk.

The Company is preparing to depart Deadsnows for Citadel Adbar. They plan to transport the orc-prince, Ugreth to the safety of the dwarves there. The Harper, Evendur, suggests they wait for support to arrive from his allies. Thulsa was unable to gain anything but a blessing from the dwarves of Marthammor Duin. Though patience and cautious is well-advised, the Silver Company is ready to resume their adventurous travels.

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