Kilias Strongbeard
Kilias Strongbeard
Race Dwarf
Heroic Class Cleric 1
Alignment Lawful Good
Patron Deity Moradin
Player Brad Balach
Kilias Strongbeard

Kilias Strongbeard (ki-LIE-as) is a dwarf who has given his life to the church. Having recently suffered a crisis of faith, he has renewed fervor for his most recent holy charge, and he feels as though the All-Father has finally showed him his path: to build an army and reclaim his birthright from a traitorous clansman. Kilias has always had a way of bringing people together; whether gathering them for mass or amassing an army, Killias knows what motivates people and will find a way to get others to give their support.

Of average stature and unusually short beard, he does not like to flaunt his need for violence and he wears robes over his chain armor. Killias always keeps himself clean and well-groomed, and he dresses meticulously. He is of noble birth and has an air of old money about him, even though he has little of his own. During the wet seasons (an unknown phenomenon until recently), Killias has been known to walk with a slight limp; some attribute this to an old injury, and others just say that it's a sign of his true age.

Kilias prefers to fight from the back, utilizing his warhammer as little as possible, instead supporting his allies by providing them with blessings and magical healing. As with other dwarves, he is known to lose himself in the bottle, but unlike most of his kin, he does not tend toward inebriated rabble-rousing, instead reflecting with sorrow upon his lost family and youth. He is often quiet and reserved during these moments, but when alerted to his actions will quickly break from the funk and join in the party.


Kilias Strongbeard is an orphan from Citadel Adbar. As a boy, his missionary parents and siblings were all killed by an orc raiding party while carting several casks of Strongbeard cider across the surface to relieve the embattled dwarf crusaders trying to retake Citadel Felbarr from the orcs who had conquered it. As a junior member of the clergy, Kilias' day-to-day tasks generally focused on preparing meals for the senior priests. Killias spent most of his life dedicated to the church, so it came as a great surprise when the assassins came for Kilias and he learned one of his kin, Thorvir Runecarver, had usurped the clan hall.

As the last descendant in an unbroken line of one of the great founders of Citadel Adbar, Kilias knew it was his duty to reclaim his birthright and to repopulate the great hall with his descendants. In order to accomplish this goal, Kilias determined he must raise an army to march against his kin and he must gain the support of the Hammers of Moradin, the militant wing of the church. Once he has mustered these forces, he will march to Citadel Adbar and demand his birthright, kill the traitor who took it from him, and restore his bloodline so that his descendants defend the great hall long after his death.

As a member of the Strongbeard Clan, Killias continued the brewing tradition his ancestors started ages ago. In the rites of the dwarves, stouts, porters, and other dark ales replace the "holy water" of humans and elves. Of Citadel Adbar's "big six" Clan breweries, the Strongbeards' facilities are the largest and most productive, but many of their fermentation tanks are used to create Strongbeard Cider, one of the most popular secular drinks in the North. Kilias hopes that one day jugs of his family's famous cider will be included in services to Moradin, canonizing his family's work within the faith.

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