Kingdom of Many-Arrows

Amid the eternally snow-capped peaks of the Spine of the World Mountains is the orc realm known as the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. For the most part, the nation is confined to mountains through which icy winds constantly shriek.

The orc king Obould survived his now-legendary encounter with the drow hero Drizzt. He was scarred, but he took from that duel new-found strength and clarity of purpose. In the end, he united the disparate tribes of the Spine of the World into a cohesive army. Leaving Drizzt and the dwarves to their own ends, Obould sealed off the territory he had claimed in the mountains. Here and there are posted crudely written border-markers on which is written "Kingdom of Many-Arrows."

The creation of a unified, relatively stable orc society provided the other powers of the region a single entity to negotiate with, contain, or fight. Mithral Hall, the dwarven citadels, and Nesmé were tired of war and curious about the orcs attempting to become civilized.

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