Konrad Dragonguard
Konrad Dragonguard
Race Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Patron Deity Bahamut
Character Sheet

Sir Konrad Dragonguard is a Purple Dragon Knight from House Dragonguard in Arabel. He is currently preparing for his wedding to Deirdre Cormaeril, the daughter of Reardon Cormaeril, Lord of Eveningstar. Konrad has short golden hair and bright plate armor, and the jaw, build, and accent of German bodybuilder Ralf Möller (Gladiator, Beerfest).

Sir Konrad exalted himself in the eyes of the nobility by killing a terrible ogre which preyed on caravans traveling the road between Arabel and Suzail. Like his father, Konrad is a courageous warrior fearless in the face of danger. He does not offer his services lightly, but champions the causes of the just, his house, his god, and his king. He is cold and stoic, and others who do not meet his exacting standards find him intolerant and condescending. He is neither devious nor cunning, planning direct assaults and making quick decisions, but this apparent brutishness belies his great intellect and judgment.

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