Shiro Giman Kenshou

Shiro Giman Kenshou, or Deceit's Reward Castle, is a humbling ruin along the Crab-Crane border. Centuries ago, following a skirmish between the Daidoji and the Yasuki, the boastful Daidoji family daimyo erected a castle on the field of victory over the Crab which he claimed was only possible because of a series of Daidoji ambushes (considered by some to be an honorable use of secrecy), which he named "Deceit's Reward" as an insult to the bold strategies of the Crab. The Crab Clan Champion, who bore no love for poetic symbolism but excelled at irony, marched his army to Giman Kenshou and tore it down brick by brick as a reminder that the Crane's reward for their deceit would always be destruction. Today, the ruins of Shiro Giman Kenshou are part of the Yasuki lands, but the former fortress is rarely used by anyone but bandits and deserters.

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