Lauritz van Aken
Lauritz van Aken
Race Human
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Waukeen
Character Sheet

Lauritz Van Aken is a retired adventurer and a merchant from Marsember. Lauritz bears a slight resemblance to the late King Azoun IV, which only hobgoblins seem to notice. He and his only daughter Mina traveled Calantar's Way and the High Road every trade season, bringing trade goods from one market to the next, selling finished goods to small towns and raw materials to the large cities, ensuring that each produces what he sells the other. This ended abruptly with his daughter's death in the village of Eveningstar, and Lauritz took up permanent residence in the old house by the bridge over the Starwater (the very place where Mina was killed).

Having amassed a small fortune in his years as a merchant, Lauritz was determined to drive the Cormaeril family from Eveningstar—not by force, as with his allies in the Ebon League, but through economic means. Reardon Cormaeril's control of Eveningstar was dependent on his ability to secure commodities and trade goods that Eveningstar is incapable of producing for itself, and Lauritz was able to instead secure these resources for himself, his allies, or for another village entirely be undercutting Reardon's prices, overpaying for common goods, or by simply appealing to the friends and contacts he's made over the years.

When Reardon assigned his personal militia (Fire Knives from Westgate, for Amaunator's sake!) to the duty of tax collection, Lauritz, the Ebon League, and Eveningstar had enough and the inevitable coup resulted in Reardon's death (as well as his male heirs).

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