Le Morte d'Vandar

The adventures comprising Le Morte d'Vandar were tumultous and unnerving for the Silver Company, but at the same time, very exciting for the new adventuring group.

The Silver Company, fresh from slaying their first monster (the wyvern on Mount Grimfang) and gaining the admiration of the local farmers, returned joyously to Deadsnows, but the occasion was cut drastically short when the captain of the guard, Mannock, took Thulsa Doomhammer and Ivellios Thornblade into custody. They were charged with the preposterous crimes of assailing Vandar and her gang, killing some, and setting fire to her house. Vandar had conveniently went into hiding, still fearful of the iron chain that had (allegedly) nearly taken her life.

Meanwhile, Zichew Bejiad and Qawm were meeting with the Lady Icespear to claim their reward for saving the farmers. Zichew leveraged this meeting to gain his tradesman's license to start a smithy and sell his wares in town. Respen Tuin was busy meeting with Feldys Oakshadow, clearing up the mystery of her brother's disappearance, which he believed (incorrectly) to be tied to the wyvern situation. While his friends were being incarcerated, Paron Andris implored the clerics of Lathander to locate his missing friends, but their divinations only provided a vague clue: "If to the west you venture underground, that which you seek will be found."

Back in prison, Thulsa met a Dalesman named Pavel, who asked for help finding his daughter, who had been taken by Vandar. A few of Vandar's men attacked Thulsa and Ivellios and some tough guys thought they could take advantage of the situation. Luckily, a mysterious chain-wielding figure intervened on Ivellios' behalf and killed the ruffian who had defeated the wood elf. The man's face could not be seen and he fled before he could be identified.

Thulsa was later approached by Evendur Moonbeam, a half-elf Harper agent, who pulled some strings to have the team temporarily released from prison in exchange for their assistance dealing with Vandar. The Silver Company convened at the Morning Watchtower, but quickly left for the Vandarhouse to bring its master to justice. Respen sneaked the team into the tavern building where they found a secret hatch and traveled underground. The presence of Zhentarim guards was surprising, but they were easily dispatched. The over-zealous adventurers became ensnared in an interesting double-portcullis trap and were set upon from both sides by rats and guard dogs. Despite Zichew's skill with mechanical devices, the team barely managed to bypass the trap and defeat the enemies.

The heroes entered the last and largest chamber and were stopped in their tracks. Vandar was meeting with a dark, cloaked figure, obviously a higher power in the Zhentarim element, and he was not happy. The team allowed them to finish their business and made no trouble when he left with his guard, but they took the next opportunity to battle Vandar and free the slaves.

Vandar's men were killed and she, desperate, took a slave child as a shield. Thulsa circled around and, while the team distracted her, paralyzed the half-orc. After a short interrogation, Paron offered the villain a chance for redemption, but she refused. Grimly, he struck her down. Pavel was reunited with his daughter. Some of the freed men, their lives interrupted, sought the stability of local militia service. The Silver Company was acquitted of alleged misdeeds and trust in their heroism was rebuilt.

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