Leslie Cormaeril
Leslie Cormaeril
Race Human
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Sune
Character Sheet

Leslie Cormaeril is the youngest daughter of Reardon Cormaeril, the Lord of Eveningstar. Unlike her eldest sister Deirdre, dutifully entering an arranged marriage with a political rival, and her older sister Cordelia, an unassuming girl who has never once made trouble for their father, political or otherwise, Leslie is a wild girl whose passions run deep and revels in worldly pleasures, much to her parents' chagrin. She is a stunningly attractive blonde with a body that just won't quit, and usually dresses in form-fitting clothes which highlight her (considerable) cleavage. Even when she's simply whining about nothing, horny boys and lecherous men seem to hang on her every word.

When "the Starcloaks" attacked her father, Leslie was injured by a crossbow. Though she quickly made a full recovery thanks to the Ebon League and Wolfgang Gerhard's healing magic, she retains a small facial scar, about which she is extremely sensitive.

When her father (and all three of her brothers) was killed by the Ebon League, Leslie was overjoyed that she received her eventual dowry as an inheritance, and promptly placed an order for ten new dresses and more shots of top-shelf liquor than even her gigantic allowance would have made possible. She dragged her mopey sister Cordelia (grieving? like… only like four people died, ohmygod!) to a party at the Lonesome Tankard, where Leslie was again overjoyed that her bookish, possibly-a-lesbian-but-now-probably-not sister finally got laid.

So did Leslie, of course.

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