The Ebon League fought deeper into the techsmith Cidolfus' laboratory, where they are quickly swarmed by goat-like extraplanar creatures which command the power of elemental air. It is a hard-won battle, and it often appeared as though the creatures could overtake the Ebon League, but in the end the creatures' inability to work together (culminating in a single burst attack which resulted in three critical hits against allied creatures!) cost them the battle and the Ebon League pressed on.

While retrieving a necessary component for one of Cid's machines, the Ebon League goes toe-to-toe with a powerful water elemental, but the battle is short and quickly becomes one-sided, resulting in a decisive victory for the Ebon League. With the missing part of his machine recovered, Cid repairs his elemental engine and continues to work on his greatest invention yet: a flying ship.

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