After the Ebon League disturbs the resting place of the Eveningstar family, they are beset by corruption corpses and their gravehound, which are defeated easily. They notice a man-sized hole in the far wall leading to a natural cave formation, but choose instead to double back to the hall of the merchant-prince and Sembian thief-in-exile Rodriguez, whose wealth is said to be greater than all the pirates in Sembia. They fought a quick skirmish and exercised positive battlefield control, defeating the skeletons who emerged here easily.

Exploring deeper into the cave, the Ebon League discovered the puppy Abelard, in over his head amidst a hive of giant ants. The giant ant warriors slowed the heroes with their poison barbs, while the giant ant queen used her acidic bile to keep the party weakened. They fought a brutal battle against the ants in the cave, and though things looked dire for a time, the Ebon League emerged victorious and reaped the reward of a difficult battle!

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