The Ebon League and Abelard leave the tomb at Pillar Rock when they are attacked by ghouls dropping down from the ceiling. Despite a massive earthquake which makes it difficult to move, they quickly dispatch the undead and the quake subsides. Taking a moment to compose themselves, a massive piece of ceiling falls on Kilias Strongbeard, whose blood alcohol level puts him in immediate danger of bleeding to death. Quickly transporting their fallen comrade to the mausoleum cursed by cold (see November 3), the Ebon League recruits Zaggy Moonpowder, an elven cleric of Corellon Larethian, to heal the injured dwarf, who they then transport to hospice care under the watchful eye of the House of the Morning.

After a brief dinner with Sister Maria Sungold, Sir Rodrick Dawnbringer, Amélie, Bertrand, and Claudette Dupuis and the other orphans of the House of the Morning, the Ebon League returns to their de facto base of operations, the Lonesome Tankard. It is a short moment of respite before a bloody, shit-covered peasant farmer from the western homesteads bursts through the tavern door and proclaims that goblins are attacking his farmstead. Rather than asking for directions, the Ebon League rents a few mangy loaner horses from Ladian Ruldo and rides off. After an hour of searching the countryside, they happen upon some goblinoids: a bugbear, two hobgoblin archers, and their dire wolves. The battle is short and brutal, with the goblins taking the advantage early and the Ebon League rallying to defeat them in the end.

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