The Ebon League stumbles upon the farmstead of Marty McLean, a cattle rancher from western Eveningstar. A band of hobgoblins is trying desperately to enter the home, but the efforts of a mysterious spellcaster rebuffs them. The Ebon League leaps into action and slaughters the hobgoblins and their undead tracking hound, and they enter the farmhouse themselves. Our intrepid adventurers are greeted by the hobgoblin oracle known as Lagduf the Seer, and she seeks to strike an accord with them: in exchange for protecting her from the hobgoblin warchief Uglúk, she would provide the Ebon League with the information they would need to prevent a cataclysm which is poised to utterly destroy Eveningstar and leave it a plagueland.

After depositing the Seer in the tomb at Pillar Rock, the Ebon League returned to the Lonesome Tankard where they encountered the Blessed Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun, Eveningstar's other chartered adventuring company. The two companies exchanged war stories and upstaged each other with tales of their heroics, but parted ways amicably.

Shevaril Starcloak, the would-be assassin (of Reardon Cormaeril), was interrogated by the Ebon League in her magically-warded prison cell in Eveningstar Hall. Though initially antagonistic, the Ebon League grew sympathetic to her cause as the interrogation progressed, and eventually parted with (half?) a mind to find Tessaril Winter.

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