The Ebon League takes care of some personal business in Eveningstar, including buying a suit of armor without ever visiting the blacksmith (somehow?) and having three cattle, three dire wolves, and a giant ant butchered by Ebbard Highsong, the local butcher. After a night of revelry, the Ebon League is called to Reardon Cormaeril's estate, where he explains that four of his (six) children have gone missing, including all three boys (Brendan, Donovan, and Liam) and his youngest daughter (Leslie). After a brief investigation, they discover that Lucian Sewell threw a kegger at the Meisner farm, and all four of the missing Cormaerils were in attendance.

Leslie was the easiest to find; she and some of her friends met some guys at the party and left with them, only to be kidnapped with the intention to ransom them back to their families. The Ebon League descended on the unsuspecting bandits like Germany on Poland, and put each of them to the sword, freeing the hostages within seconds. Still, Leslie was not impressed.

When the Ebon League returned to Eveningstar, they found Brendan's wagon being dredged from the Starwater, along with the body of Mina van Aken, a Marsembian girl whose father is a friend to the Ebon League. They discovered that Liam, the youngest son, had driven this cart into the Starwater and rather than seek help, he went out of his way to hide his crime. Their continued search for the missing Cormaeril children led the heroes to their oracle Lagduf, who explained the fate of the youngest Cormaeril child would be decided at midnight.

Returning to the bridge, the Ebon League found Rodrigo Vanzetti and all three missing Cormaeril sons, but they were soon attacked by the ghostly apparition of Mina van Aken. The Ebon League was split on which party to back, and ultimately brokered a peace between the ghost and the Lord's sons; in exchange for Liam's vitality (and youth), she would spare his life so that he would live with the constant reminder of his crime.

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