The Ebon League has been put in an awkward position between their friend Lauritz van Aken and their benefactor Reardon Cormaeril. After his daughter Mina's death, Lauritz decides to settle in Eveningstar and buys the vacant house by the Starwater river, not far from where she died. Meeting with the Ebon League, Lauritz accidentally betrays his intentions to remove Lord Cormaeril from power, and even alludes to his possible intent to poison him. Despite this (or because of this), the Ebon League agrees to retrieve the poisonous mountain laurel for his daughter's funeral.

Before leaving Eveningstar, the Ebon League visits several shops: Mother Tethos, the village pharmacist; Maethlin, son of Maglor, the village apothecary; Uldar the Potter, owner of the only kiln; and the general store. Armed with several gentle cures (potions of puking, potions of pooping, and potions of roll slowing) and a cart full of pots and shovels, the Ebon League ventures north and retrieves the mountain laurels. After a short battle with a goblin scouting party, they return to Eveningstar and deliver the flowers.

Mina's funeral is a tasteful, teary-eyed service held at the House of the Morning. Patriarch Charisbonde "Trueservant" Belon gives an encouraging sermon, and Lauritz then incites the crowd by speaking out against the aristocracy before breaking down. The Ebon League, Patriarch Belon, and Sir Rodrick speak at length in the library about the fate of Shevaril Starcloak, and agree to free her against Lord Cormaeril's wishes and offer her church sanctuary. The Ebon League's sense of accomplishment is cut drastically short when several bugbear stranglers emerge from the shadows!

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