Bugbear stranglers make their move on Belon and the Ebon League in the library of the House of the Morning, but the goblins swiftly fall to Ebon blades. The heroes follow the sounds of screaming to Mina van Aken's wake, where the guests are being harassed by hobgoblins. The Ebon League and hobgoblins fight a brief (but bloody) battle before they notice a bugbear absconding with Lauritz van Aken, the father of the deceased (as if he hadn't enough problems already!) and an important merchant the hobgoblins seem to have confused with (the deceased) Azoun IV.

The Ebon League joins with Sir Rodrick Dawnbringer and follows the bugbear through the cloisters to the orphanage where their quarry also kidnaps Sister Maria Sungold before escaping through a massive window. Continuing the chase into the temple fields, the bugbear finally realizes his escape is futile in the graveyard and attempts to hide in a mausoleum, but the door is sealed and he is cornered by the Ebon League.

Their brief negotiation of surrender is shot down by the sudden arrival of an earthquake, and the emergence of a bulette from the ground below. The bulette had little trouble moving about the battlefield (beneath the surface), spraying rocks and humanoid remains each time he emerged to attack with his mighty earthen claws, but as the Ebon League chipped away at him with sword and spell, he was eventually defeated.

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