Lokesh Arivuchelvan Jignesh

Lokesh Arivuchelvan Jignesh is a mysterious travelling merchant from Calimshan.

Lokesh's travelling curiosity shop appears suddenly in the walls of an alley or dead-end street. The shop is perfumed with strange foreign scents and stocked with a bewildering assortment of odds and ends from the far reaches of Toril. Lokesh earns money from selling these simple trinkets, but his true occupation is "distributer of cursed items". Lokesh uses his shop to distribute cursed items to those who would interfere with fate.

Typically, the cursed items sell themselves to those with a strong desire to change their fate. A perspective buyer inquires the purpose or history of a cursed item, and Lokesh complies by divulging the item's beneficial effects, it's terrible cursed history, and finishes by telling them "It's too dangerous to sell". Unswayed, the buyer insistently pleas with Lokesh to sell them the item. After the buyer bumps up the price a few times, Lokesh sells the item with the simple singsong warning of "You'll be sorry…".

Cursed items sold by Lokesh typically produce the opposite of the desired effect and usually result in ironic or poetic justice. The regretful buyer eventually returns to Lokesh's shop only to find a brick wall or an empty lot (complete with dust devil) where the curiosity shop once was. Through some coincidental circumstances, the cursed items always make their way back to Lokesh's shop.

No one knows how Lokesh's shop travels.

Secretly, Lokesh loves his job.

Lokesh's Favorite Cursed Items

  • The Monkey's Paw (for the greedy)
  • The Wig of Inescapable Beauty (for the vain)
  • The Infallible Alchemic Net Launcher (for the quixotic)
  • Discount Fullbladez (for the demon-cat-people)
  • Dancing Large Shields (for the homophobic)
  • The Silver Horn (for the arachnophobic)
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