Lucian Sewell
Lucian Sewell
Race Human
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Sune
Character Sheet

Lucian Sewell is a hereditary noble from Suzail living in Eveningstar. He is slender and roguish, the very image of his father in his adventuring years. He is ambitious and brave, and his sword arm is nearly as nimble as his tongue (and girls from Marsember to Arabel will attest honeyed words were only the second-most pleasurable service that organ provided). Spending these recent years in a quiet farming town, Lucian longs for excitement and life in the city, but he knows that his father is content to live out the remainder of his life in Eveningstar, and until Lucian marries or his father dies, he would leave home without title or treasure.

Brendan Cormaeril and Lucian are longtime friends, and he and Brendan's sister Deirdre were rumored to be friends with benefits. This is probably little more than idle gossip; an arranged marriage into a proud noble family such as House Dragonguard would have stipulated proof of her virginity. Lucian claimed (to the Ebon League, on at least one occasion) that it was because of Wolfgang Gerhard's healing magic, not an imperfection with his "game" (which he "got"), that her hymen remains intact.

To take vengeance on the girlfriend marrying an Arabellan ogre and the father who arranged it, Lucian has turned his attention to Deirdre's sister and tressym enthusiast Cordelia Cormaeril. In order to bring his scheme to fruition, Lucian needed the Ebon League to retrieve the cutest winged terror they could find for him in exchange for an audience with Lord Cormaeril. Though his patronage was (indirectly) able to get them an audience and ultimately an adventuring charter, Cordelia did not seem receptive to Lucian's advances, even though she loved the gift.

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