Malach Aradan
Malach Aradan
Race Human
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Selûne
Character Sheet

Malach Aradan is the High Mage of the War Wizards of Cormyr. Born in Wheloon, for most of his career he was a charismatic young mage of little note, but the Spellplague changed all of that. When a solid third of the War Wizards were driven mad or killed, including the disappearance of the High Mage Caladnei, their order was cast into disarray. With surprising organizational skills and an abundance of ambition, this unknown sorcerer rocketed through the hierarchy and brought a measure of stability to the fracturing order. Though some question his authority or doubt his abilities, he commands the respect of another third of the War Wizards and has the ear of King Azoun V himself.

Malach is an attractive man with chiseled features and long brown hair. His eyes are such an icy cyan that they might actually give you the chills. He wears thick, plain robes, usually a dull brown or dark gray, but for official court functions he wears extravagant purple robes with gold and silver embroideries. Malach carries an eladrin longsword with a platinum blade and an inlaid amethyst.

The High Mage is typically calm and reserved, offering sound advice and quiet wisdom rather than actual direction. His loyalty to Cormyr and sense of self-preservation are his most defining traits, and the War Wizards are willing to stand by their new High Mage so long as these motivations are consistent and foremost; their order may not be long for the world otherwise.

Malach is said to have trained in sword magic with a series of eladrin tutors. With the magical might of the War Wizards so severely diminished, it was Malach who personally developed the form of sword magic being taught to many in the order who wish to combine what little arcane magic they still have with traditional martial ability. In addition to his abilities as a swordmage, Malach also casts powerful and explosive evocations, the battlefield control for which the War Wizards are famous.

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