Manan Ba'arin

Manan Ba'arin is the largest settlement and the closest approximation to a "capital city" of the Red Hand goblin "nation" in the Stonelands. Dubbed "the forest of stone" by Cormyrian explorers before it was inhabited, it is located within a wide stretch of infertile stone runs and monolithic rock formations that resemble trees or towers, formed by glacial erosion and gusty Anauroch winds. The goblins have erected a few semi-permanent stone structures and rawhide tents, but their principle dwellings are located within the complex series of caves, whose flora and fauna and underground springs sustain the settlement.


Of the approximately 2500 goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears who dwell here, only about 40% (~1,000) are warriors, the remainder are mated females, communal breeding stock, suckling children, or conquered slaves. Because males enter military service at a very early age, the majority of Manan Ba'arinian children are female.

Hobgoblin society is hierarchical, so a strict caste system is observed by (but not necessarily respected by) anyone who wishes to remain in Manan Ba'arin. At the head are Uglúk and Nalavara, followed by the warchief's kin and the Crimson Talons, hobgoblin veterans, hobgoblin footsoldiers, and finally hobgoblin peasants. All bugbears occupy the same (out)caste, with no authority, but they are left to their own devices, and the lowly goblins are considered caste-less, living off of the scraps of the hobgoblins.

Important Sites

The Healer's Hut

The "Healer's Hut" is something of a misnomer, because it's rare that the goblins actually tend to their wounded. When it acts as an infirmary, the herbalists do what they can to soothe the pain of their veterans, but most of the time they employ poisons to quickly dispatch those who have showed cowardice by refusing to die on the field of battle. Despite the number of poisoned corpses that are discarded from the healing hut, packs of drakes and bugbears wait outside with anticipation for the fresh cadavers to be discarded, so that they may be devoured, bones and poison and all.

The Breeding Tents

Blanketed in a fog of heavy heat, throaty breaths, and a moist, sweaty odor, the breeding tents serve as a reward for meritous service as well as a necessity to ensure the goblinoid horde can replace its fallen members and protect the clans from extinction. The decor is decidedly spartan, with rocky stone floors and walls and ceilings of heavy rawhide tarps, soaked through with all manner of bodily fluids that would be imprudent to discuss.

The Pizza Hut

Goblin food doesn't seem to fall between raw and burnt so much as it can only be raw or burnt, and either way it's gone rancid or stale. So you can imagine the commotion when a mercenary company brought the secret of pizza, a doughy, saucy, cheesey Marsembian dinner pie, masterful in its simplicity and infinite in its utility, back to Manan Ba'arin and constructed the first goblin pizza hut. Possessing a thicker crust, pasty sauce, and a stronger cheese than the human original, goblin pizza is typically topped in ugly slices of goat flesh or primitive sausages, and more adventurous pies covered in the flesh of manticores or humanoids are not uncommon.

Nalavara's Lair

A few miles northeast of Manan Ba'arin is a dormant volcano which is the lair of the red dragon Nalavara. This site is protected by several dozen hobgoblins, though it truly would not be necessary, for the dragon can undoubtedly protect herself. The Red Hand goblins bring weekly tributes here, as well as slaves and captives to serve her in whatever capacity she requires (often simply lunch), even though it is forbidden for anyone to enter the cave or even to look upon Nalavara.

Animals and Monsters

In addition the aforementioned goblins and dragons, Manan Ba'arin is also home to a wide variety of drakes (such as horned drakes, guard drakes, and spiked drakes) and worgs (which goblins famously ride). Most of the meat that hobgoblins consume is not raised as livestock, but are rather hunted from the monsters which are found throughout the Stonelands. Because of the Bugbears' tendency to eat worgs, drakes, or goblins when they are hungry, they are usually left to their own great hunts, which typically bring back unusual monsters (whether dead or alive), such as owlbears, bulettes, or manticores.

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