March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008 saw the Silver Company face off against a roper with a thirst for their blood. The creature was defeated with some difficulty, and the heroes descended deeper into Khundrukar, into a sunken realm made unstable by centuries of melt-water. 1600 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

After resting for the night, the heroes of the Silver Company stood staring into the deep from the ledge overlooking the mushroom field. Somewhere out there lurked the tentancled monster that sent Zichew's lantern archon back to the celestial planes with a single hit. Fully aware that danger was waiting for them, the Silver Company slowly proceeded into the field of fungus.

Thulsa Doomhammer polymorphed himself into a treant and waded into the dark. In several darker tongues he bellowed his demands to meet the master of the cavern. Drago, Ivellios, and Respen silently bounded from mushroom cap to mushroom cap, hoping that the beast would be unaware of their presence. Gliding overhead on his griffon, Paron scanned the darkness for traces of evil with his piecing stare. Zichew followed carefully from behind the protection of the lumbering Bach.

Thulsa neared the end of the cave without incident. With his demands unanswered and no threat present, he began squeezing into a smaller side tunnel to explore. Drago was catching up to Thulsa when one of the larger mushroom exploded to life, firing long sticky strands at the monk and polymorphed wizard. The strands drained away Drago's strength completely, and weakened Thulsa "tree-mendously". Without hesitation, Paron and his mount made a diving charge at the roper and scored a decisive blow. Thulsa quickly dimension doored to safety. Paron and his mount began frontal assult, but were soon drained of strength by the roper's strands. Ivellios and Respen fired arrows at the beast with little success. Zichew to cast flame of faith and divine power on his gondsman and sent the construct into battle. Immune to the strength draining effects of the roper and brandishing a flaming weapon, Bach managed to hold the roper's attention. Thulsa burned the beast with a fireball while Zichew summoned a celestial lion, which finally killed the mushroom shaped menace.

Considerably weakened, the Silver Company proceeded back to the first floor to recover under the watchful eyes of the dwarfs. Aided by the dwarven clerics, the heroes were able to continue the following day.

Just beyond the mushroom field, our heroes discovered a frantic, nearly delirious, gnome named Jack Colby. Before passing out, Jack madly ranted about ghosts, duergar, and finding his missing friends. Ivellios took jack upstairs so that the dwarves might watch him.

Deeper into the caves, the Silver Company discovered another gnome named Bumblebrand Bimpkin, living peacefully among goblins and troglodytes. Bumblebrand claimed himself to be the leader of this peaceful group and rightful owner of the lower halls (a fact that would not sit well with Thorin Ironhand). Before our heroes had the chance to question further, the deep gnome urged them into his dwelling, saying that the open areas were not safe. The Silver Company silently followed the gnome a short distance to his cave. Once inside and behind a locked door, a weary Bumblebrand admitted that some unknown and unseen monster stalked these lower halls. Although the svirfneblin had never seen this beast, he claimed to have been bitten by it. He also assumed that the phantom wanted him to fall from his position of power. The Silver Company pledged to investigate the incident.

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