March 19, 2008

On March 19, 2008 the Silver Company battled a pair of driders and then toppled a nest of wererats in the sinkhole floor of Khundrukar. Zichew Bejiad's gondsman, Bach, was destroyed by monstrous spiders, but the techsmith rescued a pair of gnomish girlies. 2480 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The Silver Company knew that they had to provoke whatever creature was frightening the gnome, lest it catch them by surprise. Zichew put Bach out as bait, but a strange dark cloud began to roll in and the crew retreated into the small room, shutting the door behind them. The dark cloud pushed slowly under the door, spreading into the room. Thulsa lined up with the door, pulling a scroll from his case, as Drago kicked the door open. The cloud burst in for an instant before Thulsa's gust of wind pushed it back into the hallway.

Drago chased after the cloud and a creature he saw in it to a dead end in the corridor. Ivellios ran over and noticed an illusory section of the ceiling… Drago began to climb after the spider as Ivellios fired into the air. Thulsa arrived and opened the door nearby hoping that some of Bumblebrand's compatriots were inside. He was greeted by a troglodyte guarding three prison cells. He asked for assistance, but the trogolodyte simply ran out of the room and back toward the first room. With no time to spare, Thulsa cast a spell and began to fly up toward Drago, who was nearing the top of the secret tunnel.

The tunnel opened into a web covered landing, clearly the hive of the spider and whatever creatures it served. Drago and Thulsa approached the back chamber and came face to face with a serious drider sorcerer. It spoke to them a riddle of rats and farmers and the end of mankind. Before any questions could be asked, another drider appeared, wreathed in terrible black smoke and stepped right through the wall to attack! Thulsa was unaffected by this figment, but Drago was assaulted before he could be warned of the nature of the creature. Thulsa and the sorcerer traded spells back and forth while Drago worked the body and was killed finally by an acid arrow.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew were swarmed by spiders. Luckily, Bach was taking up the room between the wall and stream. The spiders piled onto him and dragged him into the stream, washing him violently against the small bridge. Ivellios, Zichew, and Respen assaulted and killed another Drider sorcerer bringing up the rear.

Retreating back to Bumblebrand's hideout, the adventurers were attacked by wererats; Bumblebrand and his crew were lycans! They fought with magic and sword and beat the rats in a few short rounds. But Respen and Drago were bitten by the creatures. Uncertain of the details of lycanthrope, the Company is resigned to waiting until the next full moon to see the effects.

Zichew was able, with the help of the rescues gnomes, to drag some important parts of his robot companion out of the stream. He will have to wait until safer surroundings to begin rebuilding.

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