March 26, 2008

On March 26, 2008 the Silver Company at long last entered the heart of Khundrukar, into the living quarters of Durgeddin the Black and the Stonehammer Clan. They encountered a group of duergar and then battled a number of wights. An allip, the ghost of an unidentified dwarf, was most troublesome and managed to elude destruction for another day. 1600 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The large stone door bearing Durgeddin’s grim visage stood before the Silver Company like a final silent guardian to his domain. Paron and Drago strained to lift the door with no success. Tiring with such games, Respen produced a small crank from the folds of his cloak. Standing on Paron’s shoulders, he inserted the crank into a hidden niche in Durgeddin’s image and slowly rotated the handle. With a low groan, the stone door rose slowly as though Durgeddin himself was reluctant to open the lower halls.

Beyond the door was a foyer, decorated with dwarven murals and portrayals of the Stonehammer clan’s former glory. A trio of dwarven statues brought their blades to bear against Drago and Respen before Zichew could disarm the traps. A pair of iron wrought doors proved to hold nothing but dead-ends. Soon though, Ivellios found a hidden door, and the Silver Company adventured deeper.

Down a small set of stairs lay the former throne room of Durgeddin’s realm. The once grand column bore deep slashes, and the murals and artwork that once adorned the walls were now covered in orc graffiti. The ring of hammer on anvil could be heard from deeper in the halls. At the far end of the room stood a lonely and broken throne.

A low growling voice rang out at the intruding Silver Company. It belonged to a duergar named Ghared. Thulsa, Zichew, and Respen attempted to negotiate use of the forge with the unreasonable Ghared. The deal was interrupted as another duergar came running through the throne room, chased by the twisted form of a dwarven ghost.

The Silver Company sprung into action battling the ghost. The melee spilled into other rooms of the dwarven halls, revealing a number of wights. Zichew’s poorly placed stone shape spell allowed even more wights into the fray. Blade, bow, and spell were poured into the enemy ranks, eventually destroying the undead. The dwarven ghost, however, fled through the walls and escaped defeat. The battered Silver Company returned to Thorin Ironhand to rest.

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