March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008 was the night the Silver Company defeated the troglodytes living in the glitterhame in Khundrukar. The hardiness of the reptillian humanoids combined with the fireball spells of their sorcerer leader, Kaarghaz, made the victory exceptionally hard-fought. 1640 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The troglodytes of the glitterhame and the Silver Company fought hard, each refusing to back down. The troglodytes' tight caverns made them defensible, but also restricted their mobility, delaying the arrival of their chieftain Kaarghaz, a sorcerer of some skill and an arcane match even for Thulsa Doomhammer. The Silver Company struggled to move their pieces into place as well; Zichew Bejiad and his mechanical servitor struggled to even enter the room, while Ivellios Thornblade and his superior mobility counted for nothing in this place.

Kaarghaz, attacking the heroes safely from the reserves, lit up the glitterhame with his fireball spells as Zichew and Ivellios with their wands of cure light wounds struggled to keep their allies (and each other!) standing. Paron Andris and Drago Lundgren (who were both enlarged) struggled to force back the troglodytes' defensive line, but the reptiles remained resilient. Eventually it was Thulsa, polymorphed into Kaarghaz himself, who used a dimension door spell to transport himself and Drago behind the enemy line.

Now flanking the troglodyte line, Paron and Drago picked the troglodytes apart and then the Silver Company converged on an invisible Kaarghaz. Again he struck out with his fireballs, accidentally immolating himself as the heroes overwhelmed him.

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