Maruval Battleheart
Maruval Battleheart
Race Dwarf
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Amaunator
Character Sheet

Maruval Battleheart is a dwarf runepriest of Amaunator and a member of the Blessed Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun. She is a merchant's daughter from the streets of Marsember, whose extravagant lifestyle traveling the surface never sat well with her ethnic identity, so she took up the study of dwarven runecraft among priests of Marthammor Duin. Despite her time serving the dwarven gods, she eventually ended up in the service of the human god Lathander. Within the Blessed Brotherhood, she is the most conservative and stubborn and tries to keep her team on task.

She was killed by Red Hand goblins inside Stonefang Pass in 1385 DR.

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