Mina van Aken
Mina van Aken
Race Human Ghost
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Waukeen
Character Sheet

Mina van Aken was the daughter of Lauritz van Aken, a merchant from Marsember. She was a thin, wiry girl with silky jet-black hair. She had spent her entire life in a wagon train and had long held a deep fascination for caravan guards and mercenaries, a girlish crush which later blossomed into womanly desire. She will be remembered as a passionate girl whose emotions run deep and whose inhibitions were practically non-existent.

In Eleint of 1385 DR, while riding on a moonless night with an inebriated Liam Cormaeril, their carriage was driven off of a bridge and Mina drowned in the Starwater. Her restless spirit returned to take vengeance on the youngest Cormaeril, but the intervention of the Ebon League brought this confrontation to a shaky peace.

They say that on moonless nights, Mina van Aken's ghost can be seen on or near the bridge over the Starwater, spooking horses and causing them to spill over the bridge just as she did. These are likely just stories, but stories spread exceptionally fast in Eveningstar, and stranger things have certainly happened…

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