Mordidious Blackmantle
Mordidious Blackmantle
Race Eladrin
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Oghma
Character Sheet

Mordidious Blackmantle is an impossibly old eladrin wizard, loosely associated with the High Heralds. Mordidious maintained a warm, but distant, relationship with the King of Cormyr.

Mordidious is generally good-natured, but strikes with stinging wit when the need arises. He approaches all subjects with a no-holds-barred mentality and thinks of nothing as taboo, except for a closed mind. This attitude makes Mordidious a strong supporter of the Art Show. He enjoys drinking fine tea and takes any opportunity to procure a box or two of imported tea from Marsember.

Mordidious dedicated his life to the study of ancient Netheril. He is a leading expert on the subject and has assisted both the High Heralds and the Harpers in research matters. In recent decades, Mordidious has become increasingly adverse to disclosing his latest research. The return of Netheril has brought with it a dreadful increase in inquires regarding the empire's former power by less and less savory groups.

Aside from his work with ancient Netheril, Mordidious is extremely knowledgeable in the fields of modern and extinct linguistics, complex mathematics, alchemy, structural and mechanical engineering, astrological calculation, military history and tactics, and heraldry.

No one has been able to contact the reclusive wizard for several months. The Heralds fear that Blackmantle's most recent research may have drawn the unwanted attention of the Netherese, the Church of Shar, or even the Zhentarim. He was last seen entering the Tilverton Scar, using a writ of passage signed by the King himself.

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