Morthos the Deceiver
Morthos the Deceiver
Race Tiefling
Heroic Class Warlock/Wizard 4
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Tymora
Player Brian Oswald
Morthos the Deceiver

Morthos the Deceiver is a tiefling warlock/wizard hailing from Waterdeep.

Morthos was abandoned at birth by his mother. As the unwanted result of a dubious affair (there were whispered rumors of cult involvement), Morthos was left in the gutter for the feral hobos to eat. However, fate smiled on the tiefling that day because Alston Hedgeshade found him first.

Alston raised Morthos as his own son (alongside his 3 biological daughters). The 'you were adopted' talk was discussed pretty early on. Morthos followed in his father's footsteps, training to become an expert in feybound magic at the House Of Wonder. Morthos' natural aptitude for deception made him a promising student.

When Alston failed to return from his latest research trip, Morthos immediately set out for the last man his father spoke of, Mordidious Blackmantle. Morthos' search for Mordidious Blackmantle ended at the Tilverton Scar. Unable to access Tilverton without the writ of the King, Morthos joined the Ebon League in the hopes that the young adventuring company would eventually gain access to the plaguechanged lands.

Morthos is best remembered for his willingness to lie, cheat, manipulate, and steal in order to reach his own goals. While not overtly evil, Morthos is usually up to no good.


  • Morthos is a strong believer in personal freedom.
  • Morthos is a adamant believer in luck. (Although given the chance, he has no problem tipping the odds in his favor)

Notable Features

  • Morthos has a few trustworthy friends whom he can depend on, including Amarna Wanderfoot and Vrorg.
  • Morthos is never without his lucky gold coin. The obverse features the profile of beautiful, smiling woman, while the reverse features a stylized skyline of a grand city. Morthos won the coin in a game of cards against Lokesh Arivuchelvan Jignesh.

The Silver Company

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