Nalavarauthatoryl, also known as Nalavara, Lorelei Alavara, the Devil Dragon, and Nalavarauthatoryl the Red, was an eladrin wizard who was transformed into a red dragon and cast into the Shadowfell over a millennium ago. In 1370 DR, she and an army of orcs and goblins took revenge on Cormyr and began the Goblin War. Nalavara was killed in 1371 DR by King Azoun IV, who died soon thereafter from the wounds he sustained.

Rumors have spread quickly throughout orcs and goblinkind (and have even reached some human and elf settlements) in northern Cormyr that Nalavara has returned from the dead. So far the rumors are unsubstantiated, but it has been observed by adventurers in the region (such as the Ebon League and Golden Lions) that these creatures are markedly emboldened and have been more organized in recent months. It is unknown how a creature such as Nalavara would be able to return to life so long after her death, but it is possible that the Spellplague may have something to do with it.

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